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How California’s Redistricting Commission Considered Communities of Color

Breanna Reeves | Black Voice News Every 10 years following the U.S. Census, new maps are redrawn for Congressional, State Senate, State Assembly and State Board of Equalization districts to reflect the changes in population size. The 14-member California Citizens Redistricting Commission, an independent commission, was created in 2008 under the Voters First Act and […]

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California Adds Twist to New CDC Advice on Quarantines

Aldon Thomas Stiles | California Black Media On the Monday after Christmas, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shortened its COVID-19 quarantine recommendation by half. That same day, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced on Twitter that California will follow suit, recommending a five-day isolation period instead of the state’s former guidance of 10 days.  […]

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California Law Outlining Police Transparency Requirements for Stingray Use is Inadequate

S. E. Williams | On December 20 we reported that the Black Voice News had joined an Amicus Curiae Brief (known as a friend of the court brief) seeking transparency in the use of cell site simulators—commonly  referred to as stingrays—by  the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department. The brief was filed in conjunction with the […]

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California Will Compensate Survivors of Eugenics’ Forced Sterilizations

S. E. Williams | On New Year’s Eve California Governor Gavin Newsom announced another important action in the state’s ongoing effort to redress historical wrongs.  This time the focus is on the victims of the state’s participation in the national Eugenics movement which resulted in the forced sterilization of thousands of Americans. In short, Eugenics […]

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Opinion: Biden’s Promise for Diverse Judges and Federal Court Diversity

Ben Jealous | People for the American Way One of the most important reasons to vote Donald Trump out of the White House was to stop him from packing our federal courts with even more anti-voting-rights, anti-equality, pro-corporate judges.   Stopping the flood of bad Trump judges was a huge accomplishment for every organizer and voter […]