Who is Telling the Truth?

Who is Telling the Truth?

Hardy Brown, Sr. Contributor

In a recent article printed in the San Bernardino Sun Newspaper and written by Joe Nelson, the reporter quoted Clifford Young’s attorney, Rachel Fiset, as saying, “The district sent the case to the District Attorney’s Office and the DA did not respond so they closed the case.”

In the article, Fiset went on to say former WVWD General Manager Robert Christman approved the $1,897 tab in question thus, leaving Clifford in the clear. Now, this is not what the District Attorney Jason Anderson told Don Griggs President of the WVWD Ratepayers Association in public at a COPE Meeting which is on videotape. 

In addition, the Deputy District Attorney told Mr. Griggs on the Friday afternoon after the story appeared in the Sun that the article was not accurate. Both men said it was inappropriate for them to comment on any case where the investigation was ongoing.  

In my opinion the statement attributing responsibility for the $1,897 in question to Christman is both false and misleading because the General Manager does not have the authority or responsibility to approve funding for a member of the Board of Directors political Campaign’s Celebration Dinner to thank his political staff workers.

So, Clifford’s lawyer is acting like the President’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, who just says anything. This is what Clifford did the last time he was under investigation by the District Attorney. In that instance, he never told us he had to pay money back to the water district. 

Let me offer you a suggestion. By a majority consensus of the WVWD Board of Directors, the Board president can contact the District Attorney’s Office to verify the open or closed status of the case and report back to the public.

On another subject, I would like to commend Clifford Young for bringing the well-qualified and knowledgeable Clarence Mansell to our district even though Clifford has turned on Clarence. Clifford has a history of turning on people. So, don’t feel bad Clarence, he does that to people he cannot control to do his illegal work or deeds. 

Clifford turned on Matthew Litchfield, Karen Logue, Shanae Smith, Marie Ricci, Robert Christman, Linda Gonzalez, Don Olinger, Michael Taylor, Kyle Crowther, Robert Tafoya, the Law firms of Clifton Albright Yee & Schmit, Gresham, Savage, Nolan & Tilden Martin Kaufman and Robert Katherman. So, who is next?

My professional advice to Mr. Mansell is do not resign. This is what those political appointed staffers want you to do so they can have carte blanche access to the ratepayers’ money.

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