When You Can’t Find Sanitizer, Make Your Own

When You Can’t Find Sanitizer, Make Your Own

Riverside, CA –Although thoroughly washing your hands is always the best option to fight against the spread of the coronavirus health crisis, when that is not possible the use of hand-sanitizers is the next best option. Hand sanitizers, however, are hard to find in stores and/or online due to high demand resulting from growing concerns over the spread of the virus. In response, many citizens are making their own. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) making your own sanitizer requires three main ingredients—Isopropyl alcohol, aloe vera gel and tee tree oil.  To be effective according to the agency, the mix must be at least 60 percent alcohol. Mix three parts isopropyl alcohol to one-part aloe vera gel and then add a few drops of tea tree oil to give the mixture a more pleasant smell. 

If you would rather make a spray recipe you will need Isopropyl alcohol, glycerol, hydrogen peroxide, distilled water and a spray bottle. Mix 1 ⅔ cups alcohol with 2 teaspoons of glycerol. Mix in 1 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide, then another ¼ cup of distilled or boiled water. Fill a spray bottle with the mixture. 

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