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Janaya Delone, a Moreno Valley, Valley View High School graduate earned a perfect score on a college-level Advanced Placement® (AP®) Exam in spring 2021. The scoring included her artwork featured as part of the 2021 AP Art and Design Digital Exhibit.

Janaya Delone was one of only 152 students in the world to earn every point possible on the AP  on the AP 2-D Art and Design Exam. (Source: Moreno Valley Unified School District)

In a statement issued by the Moreno Valley School District, Superintendent Dr. Martinex Kedziora declared, “Words cannot express how proud we all are. We have previously earned the designation as AP District of the Year, and students like Delone are the reason why. Our students are leading the way for others to see that anything is possible.”

According to the district, Delone was one of only 152 students in the world to earn every point possible on the AP  on the AP 2-D Art and Design Exam.

“I am very proud to have had my artwork selected for the exhibit and to have also received a perfect AP score,” said Delone. “I’d like to thank my art teacher Mr. Bernbaum for encouraging me to strive to create my best work and guiding me on my art journey since my freshman year. I’d also like to thank my parents for being so supportive of my passion for the arts and for working so hard to send me to an art college to further expand my skills.”

Janaya Delone now attends the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco where she is majoring in Animation and Visual Effects. She said she chose that school because of her interest in the arts, the city and volleyball.

Expressing their pride

“We still cannot believe how well she draws and sketches on paper and digitally. From a blank sheet to a creative masterpiece,” said her mother. “She has won several awards, but this is all a true honor.”

“Not only did Janaya receive a perfect score, her artwork is also part of an honorable art exhibit,” said Board Vice President Cleveland Johnson. “This is incredible! We are so proud of her and everything she has accomplished so far. This is only the beginning!”

The AP Exam

During the AP Art and Design Exam adjudication, over 400 readers graded 60,000 student portfolios submitted for review in 3-D Design, 2-D Design, and Drawing. Culling from the top scores, the 50 students selected for the AP Art and Design Digital Exhibit represent outstanding examples.

“Janaya is an exceptional example of the type of artist our AP program strives to encourage and develop,” said her teacher Michael Bernbaum. “She is an innovative and independent thinker who masterfully crafted digitally illustrated scenes with a whimsical incisiveness that turns the viewer’s gaze inside out.”

“Though the image is supposed to illuminate the divide between the well-to-do and the less fortunate, It most powerfully communicates the pressure, shame, and harsh judgment we cast on “others” when they do not live up to the expectations of the fortunate.” By Janaya Delone From the AP Art and Design Digital Exhibit. (apartanddesign.collegeboard.org)

“The digital exhibit gives AP the opportunity to share student inquiry based on personal experiences,” said Rebecca Stone-Danahy, Director of AP Art and Design. “The AP Art and Design exhibit captures student voices responding to real-world events happening around them. Students from around the world are grappling with sophisticated ideas and presenting smart content back to us. It is refreshing to see original, visual solutions to complex problems.” 

The Advanced Placement Program is committed to ensuring that students have access to the opportunities they have earned. Students who succeed in AP are not only more likely to succeed in college, but have the chance to save a significant amount of time and money by earning college credit or placement.

“AP courses and exams are college-level, requiring great focus and persistence among participating students,” said Trevor Packer, head of the Advanced Placement Program. “We applaud the educators who encourage students to challenge themselves, who motivate and encourage diverse students to achieve their academic potential.”

“Janaya is a proud product of Valley View High School,” said Principal Karen Johnson. “We are overwhelmed with joy to learn about her remarkable achievement. We look forward to continuing learning about her successes.”To view Janaya’s artwork visit: https://apartanddesign.collegeboard.org/janaya-delone.

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