The Wonders of Walking

The Wonders of Walking


Walking is an activity that needs little preparation. The most important item you need is proper footwear. As you start your program, it is likely that you already have something suitable but before long you should consider buying footwear designed for walking. When you buy shoes, wear the socks that you will wear when walking. Your toes should not feel pinched and the shoes should feel comfortable immediately.

Walking shoes or lightweight boots with comfortable arch supports and a good tread are ideal for most conditions. You may find that socks of a synthetic material make your feet burn when you walk and you are more comfortable in natural fibers. However, synthetics tend to wick moisture away from your body and help to keep your feet dry. A blend of the two may the best choice.

You are most likely to succeed with your walking program if you start small. Begin with a short stroll of 10 to 15 minutes. As you feel comfortable with that, gradually increase the distance. A walk of 30 minutes, five or six times a week should be your goal but do not feel the benefits are lost if you do not go that far. Go the distance that is comfortable for you.

You can choose from a wide variety of locations to walk. Your local neighborhood is as close as your front door and it costs nothing. You may prefer an indoor walk and you can also do this at no cost if you have access to a shopping mall. Most of these open long before store opening time and you will be surprised how many fellow walkers you meet. Some malls even have walking clubs if you want to add a social element to your activity.

If you have a sports center close by, you may find it has a walking track with measured distances so you can keep track of the length of your walk. After you have begun a walking program, you will probably be motivated for several days. However, it is not unusual for the first enthusiasm to wear off. It becomes easy to find reasons not to walk.

This is the time to strengthen your resolve and stick to your plan. In a few short weeks you will feel the benefits.

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