The Rise of Liquid Nutritional Supplements

The Rise of Liquid Nutritional Supplements

As one of the fastest-growing US consumer categories according to Euromonitor International, nutritive drinks and liquid dietary supplements reached $2.1 billion in 2016, increasing by 54% from a decade ago. Liquid dosages have made a great impact for nutritional and general health, allowing consumers to find a vast range of options more than ever before. Whether developed for digestive issues, athletic optimization, brain function or joint health, the greater bioavailability of liquid supplements have made them a go-to delivery form for the young and old. 

What makes liquid supplements so marketable is the fact that they are convenient for consumers. Single-serving supplements, in particular, are regularly purchased at convenience stores as a quick way for consumers to get their required nutrients without having to adjust their daily routines. As consumers begin to realize the added nutritional value of dietary supplements, many view liquid supplements as a more natural way for consumption. Beverages have the advantage of working like functional foods, fitting into a consumer’s busy schedule for work or school. Their convenience is aided by the fact that there’s no need to prepare the supplement before consuming, such as with powders. 

According to the National Institutes of Health, elderly consumers are still the top market for dietary supplements. Compounded with other medications and supplements they may take, liquid supplements have grown more appealing to the older generation, offering more taste and ease in consumption than pills that may have to be taken several times a day. This doesn’t exclude the younger generation, however. Many younger consumers prefer the on-the-go convenience of nutrients in beverage/ liquid formats. Combined with growing awareness of the effectiveness of liquid supplements and the variety of flavors they can be made into, these portable nutrients have become popular with young consumers. 

Such as with powder supplements, many liquid supplements have been formulated for the sports nutrition crowd in the past, restricted mainly to energy drinks and energy shots. However, advances in liquid formulation have expanded their suitability for other specific markets in the industry. This doesn’t mean that the sports nutrition market should be ignored. Liquid supplements and beverages still hold a very strong appeal for fitness enthusiasts. Energy shots, formulated with ingredients for quick energy boosts, can also support cognitive function, healthy cholesterol levels, and bone health. Certain energy supplements may contain protein as well, offering more satiety for consumers wishing to sustain their appetites. Such drinks can hold appeal for the weight-loss market by acting as appetite suppressants in the form of functional beverages, allowing consumers to reach their diet goals. 

With the rise of probiotics in the immune health sector, probiotic yogurt drinks have also made an impact. Although dairy beverages have been traditional staples in the food industry, specialized liquid probiotic drinks can be developed to aid digestion, regularity, and other health areas.

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