The Climate Deniers Among Us

The Climate Deniers Among Us

“When you have a voice, you also have a moral obligation to use that voice for good.”
Leandra Medine

Each year more people in the United States die from extreme heat exposure than from hurricanes, lightening, tornadoes, floods, and earthquakes combined,” so, began a press release issued by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in July 2001.

The recent heat wave has already taken the lives of at least four inland area residents. Periods of extreme heat are occurring more frequently and appear to last for longer periods while more and more elderly, those with heart problems and others in vulnerable health conditions suffer the dangerous and sometimes deadly impact. 

I often wonder about climate deniers who are watching the worsening impacts of extreme heat and other catastrophic weather events and yet, continue to turn away from their implications. 

I wonder whether they have plans to one day live in a different world as the climate continues to deteriorate and become more and more unpredictable. Do they have a hidden source of energy to keep the air conditioning running when the power grid shuts down?

Do they have some secret method to drain flooded areas in the wake of devastating hurricanes, or, some new technique to halt raging wildfires in their tracks? As the forests burn down and plants wither away from drought, when will they implement their strategy to convert carbon dioxide to oxygen, so humans can continue to breathe?

Do they have a plan to squeeze water from rocks during sustained periods of severe drought or a way to grow crops without water?

Do they have access to secret vaccines to protect themselves and their loved ones from vector-borne illnesses?  What secret shield will they use to protect their children and grandchildren from the social turmoil certain to abound as natural resources become more and more imperiled?

What purpose does it serve humanity to deny science regarding this issue? How do we reconcile climatic events with Republican leaders who claim it is all a hoax and who refuse to implement any mitigating efforts and undermine those taken by others? 

Most elected officials who deny climate change consider any regulation as government over-reach and are reluctant to strengthen controls on the energy sector, that has the greatest impact on climate, because the industry is home to their primary campaign contributors. 

As the melting of the artic regions accelerate and sea levels rise, I wonder when these leaders will share their secret plans to mitigate the dangers that lie ahead, or is it as I suspect, they have no secret plans and instead are willing to continue selfishly risking the homes, livelihood and lives of vulnerable Americans for the privilege of staying in office merely to do the mindless bidding of those who buy elections for them. 

Of course, this is just my opinion. I’m keeping it real.

S.E. Williams
Managing Editor

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