The Aric Isom Memorial Toastmasters

The Aric Isom Memorial Toastmasters

Riverside – Fellow Riversidians, there’s a new club in town so lend an ear, and if you’re feeling daring…your speech, ideas, stories, and enthusiasm. A chapter of Toastmasters International, a world-wide organization whose focus is to help build effective speakers and leaders, has just sprouted in our very own Downtown Riverside.

This chapter was born out of a friends love for and promise to a dearly departed fellow Toastmaster, Aric Isom. The Aric Isom Memorial Toastmaster is how John Fisher is paying homage to his friend Aric, a Toastmaster with a long legacy of community activism and social justice passioneering.

The Aric Isom Memorial Toastmasters not only has a special beginning, it’s an inspiring league of its own, bringing together a diverse membership with a love for speaking on and leading on today’s most impassioned social topics. The Aric Isom Memorial is the first club in the history of Toastmaster history to be named after a member of a minority group. The make-up of the cohort is a reflection of Aric Isom’s legacy, as it is home to aspiring speakers of diverse faiths, ethnicities, sexual orientations, identities and political views. The club’s first elected president, Qianteh Looney, is an African American female entrepreneur, whose mission is to provide support and resources to families with children with speech and communication disorders through her non-profit, Bryan David’s Brothers Foundation. This club is also the only Toastmasters Club to be home to two Riverside City Council members. The Aric Isom Memorial Toastmasters Club is breaking the status quo of Toastmasters International and public speaking in general.

So if you are feeling daring and 2018 is your year to shine as a speaker, come join the Aric Isom Toastmasters Memorial every Thursday at 6 pm at the Historic Universalist Unitarian Church of Riverside located on the corner of Lemon and Mission Inn Blvd.

Members for this year are: Ms. Qianteh Looney-President, Mr. John Fisher- Vice President, Mr. Andy Melendrez- Riverside City Council Member, Mr. Allen Stein, Ms. Susan, Mrs. Diane Randall, Mr. Quinn Bloom, Mr. Bryan David Baldridge, Ms. Maria Razo, Ms. Leslie Mooring, Mrs. Nane Mooring, Ms. Daisy Valdovinos- Writer of the article, Mr. Taylor- Photographer, Congressional candidate Dr. Norman Quintero & his wife Mrs. Gloria Quintero.

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