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On Tuesday, The Heart of Temecula LEO Club in partnership with the Ronald H. Roberts Temecula Public Library began offering free technology training at the library between 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm on the first Tuesday of every month. The effort will continue through the end of May.  

A PEW Research report has noted that along with mobile phones, many Americans also own a range of other information devices. According to PEW, nearly three quarters of U.S. adults now own desktop or laptop computers, while roughly half now own tablet computers and around one-in-five own e-reader devices. Even more interesting however is that although owners use their devices, many do not understand how to use all the features they have at their fingertips. 

The Teens Teaching Tech initiative is a program where High School students help parents and grandparents with questions that they may have about their cell/smart phones, laptops, tablets, or even desktop computers.

The teens will provide one-on-one tutoring on how to send and receive text messages or pictures, download apps, email, access the internet, or solve any technical problems that may be encountered!  

The program has already been called a “miracle” by many of those who participated in the pilot program last month. For those who plan to attend, the tutoring will certainly help them navigate any problems they may experience operating your device(s). 

If you would like to schedule an appointment with one of the Tech Tutors, please call (951) 331-8861. The training will be held in Community Room A at the Ronald H. Roberts Temecula Public Library, 30600 Pauba Road, in Temecula. Participants are encouraged to bring their devices.

The Heart of Temecula LEO Club is a High School Service Club which is a branch of Lions Club International, the world’s largest service organization.