Take These Steps to Ensure the Integrity of Your Mail-in-Ballot

Take These Steps to Ensure the Integrity of Your Mail-in-Ballot

BVN Staff 

This year more than ever before, it is important to ensure your ballot is counted. For those who may be casting a mail-in ballot for the first time here are some tips to help ensure. The integrity of your ballot.

To begin with, it is essential your ballot is returned on time. If you are returning your ballot by mail, it must be returned postmarked by November 3 or it will not be counted. The same is true if you are casting your completed mail ballot at a drop box, the Registrar of Voters office or another Early Vote Site, or a polling place, you must drop it off by 8 p.m. on November 3.

Remember the ballot scanners can not read all colors of ink so be sure to complete your ballot using black or blue ink only.

Please double check and ensure you have filled in the ovals in every contest on the ballot where you want your vote to count before you seal, sign, and date the return envelope.

Voters are also encouraged to double check with your county Registrar’s office and verify your correct name and spelling is on record with the Registrar.

San Bernardino voters can verify their correct name and spelling at SBCountyElections.com; voters in Riverside County can visit voteinfo.net/voterRegistrationInformation.asp.

If you are returning your ballot by mail, postage is not necessary as your vote by mail ballot comes complete with a prepaid postage envelope for you to return your completed ballot.

It is also important to ensure your ballot and its envelope are not torn and all the writing is clear.

This election cycle there is also a handy way to track your ballot. Simply enroll in the “Where’s My Ballot” program to receive email, text, or phone notifications about the status of your ballot. To track your ballot however you must first enroll. To do so go to WheresMyBallot.sos.ca.gov.

If you are not currently registered or you registered to vote after the close of registration, please visit the state’s Same Day Voter Registration page. 

Same Day Voter Registration is also available at both Riverside and San Bernardino County election offices. To find same day voter registration location(s) in your county, early voting locations, or ballot drop-off locations, please visit Early Voting and Vote-by-Mail Drop-Off Locations.

If you have additional questions about voting by mail in San Bernardino County, please contact the Registrar of Voters at (909) 387-8300 or visit Communications@SBCountyElections.com; in Riverside County call (951) 486-7200 or visit voteinfo.net/voterRegistrationInformation.asp.

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