The “Apple Tree” Concept illustrates a human’s primordial Seed as a microcosm (a genetically identical “little world”) of the Cosmic “Macrocosm” (the Cosmos great world, with its Creatures and Creations). Both share identical Cosmic Force Androgynic Plast “Seeds” made of the Infinite Spiritual Elements of Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural. Observing and understanding the Tree Concept—i.e. its Seed, Roots, Trunk, Branches, Leaves, and Fruit—gives one clues to interweaving happenings in Cosmic Un-Seen realms + spurs Spiritual Elements’ Soul unfoldings in ones  Think, Feel, Say, and Do “Right Life Living” ways. The apple (or any plant) seed contains a tiny plant and food it needs to start growing. Could it be that this guardian food equates to the Spiritual Entourage available to advise each human on earth? To scratch a bit of ground with a hoe, to plant an apple seed, and to watch, while cultivating, it form Roots, a Trunk, Branches, Leaves, and Fruit is to see Nature’s Processes renewing life. All Entities throughout the Cosmos have the same Genetics–but each Entity, like cards in a deck, does different things and appears differently. Ancient African Sages carefully studied Seeds, Roots, and fruit in order to fashion Principles. Those Principles were designed into social Symbols, Forms, Sounds, and Movements signifying Spiritual/Metaphysical “Idea-Forms.” Next, they taught African philosophy by placing Right Life Living “Seed” Principles into students’ “Soil”-like minds—but only at the proper season—so as to be ready for nourishment by congenial atmospheres. Then, students studied Nature to learn how to cultivate Principles into maturity + how the wind could blow Seeds of dismantled trees and broadcast their replanting in several other places that started a ripple effect + how bees transferred pollen from one flower to another—like that in animals, including humans. 

Pollination from a plant’s male to the female parts–called Fertilization—stimulate the formation of seeds into evolving. This is like what happens to develop knowledge in human minds. 

The Wonder of these Processes of Nature, in turn, became “Seeds” for Knowledge applied to Science. Such gave more insights into secret Seeds of the Cosmic Force + opened doors to view  “Seeds” of later times. Both enabled predicting which Seed would be productive + which to avoid.  Skilled work involved in sowing these Seeds grew and spread—each sowing itself anew. Note in the following how Seeds of the Plant Queendom supply survival and thriving needs in its realms, similar to like-kind things in the Animal Kingdom. All Seeds have three basic parts: (1) the already developed miniature plant (embryo) on the inside; (2) a supply of food (endosperm) for the tiny plant–including food material stored in the embryo itself–of sufficient supply to last until it is big enough to establish itself in the soil and make its own food, as do animal mothers; and (3) one or more protective seed-coats (testa) around the embryo and its food. Any plant part containing the seed is the Fruit. The process is a Plant produces another plant of its own kind via a seed. That Seed, the part of a plant developed for producing new plants, is formed in the plant’s ovary after the ovules have been fertilized by pollen. 

The sperm nucleus and egg nucleus unite in a process called Fertilization and form the embryo plant within the seed. The pollen needed for this may come from the same flower or another—each constituting half of the genetic ingredients. Just as seeds have their own food supply, they may be carried great distances. So is Cosmic Knowledge in all Real Cosmic Entities, unfolding its processes as Nature, babies, and good people do. They also receptively absorb Cosmic Knowledge from the in-most part of their own Cosmic reality; by Osmosis in parts of daily living activities; by research into African Tradition; and by socialization. Some of the processes directly simulate eating the seeds of nuts, beans, and peas. Others are indirectly like experiences made into practical principles, as the way grains are made into oats, rice, millet, corn, buckwheat or as seeds of grasses are made into Grains (e.g. wheat used in pasta or bread).  The work in fashioning these Seeds into products means some contain errors, and yet each fruitful error is bursting with its own lessons + corrections. Since all seeds (Knowledge) are not built on the same plan pattern, different thinking processes are required. So, the more “seeds” and branches one gets from reading or experiences, the better one is able to think deeply. The point: if in turmoil, go back to the Seed to; JABLifeSkills;



Joseph A. Bailey II, MD, FACS


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