Have you given thought lately to putting down your phone for a full 24 hours and spend time with loved ones? As much as we believe that when used in the right way, technology will empower you to do your best work, we also know that it can be a massive distraction and focus killer.

Our smartphones, especially, have been designed to pull our attention and are constantly rated as something we would like to spend less time using.

According to the 2017 edition of the American Psychological Association’s yearly Stress in America report, nearly two-thirds of American adults agree that periodically “unplugging” or taking a “digital detox” would be good for their mental health.

Physicians, mental health professionals and other healthcare providers are increasingly recommending classes and training opportunities emphasizing the proven physical and mental benefits of regular pauses. 

It used to be you left work and went home and recovered.  Now you’ve got your devices that follow you everywhere. The body is designed to be energetic and active then recover. 

Make a point of reducing the stress in your life. Put yourself in airplane mode. Do a digital Sabbath. That’s giving devices a rest for 24 hours over a weekend. Read a book. Take the scenic route home. Practice being intentionally quiet at least once a day. Power down, log off and enjoy your meal. Before you answer those emails, ask yourself if they can wait. 

By most accounts, the average American spends 70 hours per month on their phone, with young adults (18–24) spending upwards of 94 hours!

Ask 10 people to define “digital dependency,” and you’ll likely get 10 different responses. But the basic concept of the word is straightforward. It’s about the ‘device appendage’. The compulsive urge and pressure to be and stay connected.  

When you’re overly immersed in emails, instant message and social media we’re missing out on real conversations, thinking deeply and creatively. Truth is we all know that it would benefit us body and soul to disconnect on occasion.