Tackling a Trumpish America

Tackling a Trumpish America

Rev. Steven Shepard Contributor

The greatest threat to a Trumpish America is the intelligent, well-educated, well-spoken Black and Brown men and women who come together to lift the downtrodden, speak for those who have been looked over, left out, pushed out, thrown out, demeaned, disenfranchised and marginalized. 

We must not allow our history to be left out, forgotten and/or hidden from us. We must not stand by while our children and grandchildren are being pipelined to prison from their first day in kindergarten.  

Illustration by Jared Rodriguez/Truthout.org

We cannot stand by while this administration blatantly disrespects and disregards Black and Brown women and legislate away their rights to their bodies and hairstyles. 

We must not allow this administration to take Affordable Health Care off the table and allow many to die without the dignity of having the best healthcare provided to them regardless of status or position. 

We must walk hand-in-hand to the beat of the war drums of our ancestors who were enslaved, murdered and whose land was forcibly taken.

The eagle has stirred her nest and now is the time we “spread our wings and take flight” to do all we can, as often as we can, when we can! 

The greatest threat to a Trumpish America is US!

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