Dr. Joseph A. Bailey, II, MD., FACS

Every rung of the social ladder is overflowing with people juggling one or more aspects of their lives. Those worse off are prevented from being in charge/control of Necessities to the degree of being unable to rise above the negative aspects of the Thinker’s Scale (a positive + negative ruler separated by a zero). A society’s socioeconomic backgrounds predict their life area opportunities. Roughly 46.5 million Americans (15 %) live at or below government-defined poverty lines. These include the hungry, the homeless, the uninsured, the underpaid or unemployed, mentally ill, and the severely oppressed. Yet, these are inadequate measures of their multiple poverties, for they are the most problematic in trying to supply with Physical Human Nature Needs; have the worst formal educational outcomes, and have the most limited life opportunities. Devastated are struggling Black Americans who remain inside the metaphorical Struggling Tunnel (connecting African American Slave Quarters with today’s inner cities). Before and after emancipation, struggling Black Americans have generally lived in depressing, frustrating, and negative thought/emotional environments—e.g. over-crowding; pollution (noise, air, water); lack of jobs, food, and health care; to deprived career/Fun opportunities; unusual disease exposures; substandard/inadequate schools/housing, and Evil “Truthless” Education. Such has always, and continues to, generate a "Poverty Minded Atmosphere" composite—a Theme of bad thoughts so powerful as to overwhelmingly maintain control or strong influences over its residents' minds. The saying of the Enslaved: "Hope deferred makes the heart sick" continues to mean it is worse to have had ones hopes raised and then dashed than to have been resigned to not having something. Entire ideas of having “The American Dream” are crushed and replaced with day to day “Make Do” from no fault of their own

These constitute Maafa problems (i.e. immeasurable catastrophes). A Maafa makes one self-absorbed and struggling to find any degree of the "5Ss"–safety, security, self-confidence, strength, and stability in any aspect of their inner/outer world lives. By such a Maafa-induced mindset operating inside a "bottomless" pit and with no one showing them the way out, prevents their visualization for formulating solutions to rise out of their various forms of poverty. Following slavery, layer after layer of “like kind” aspects were added throughout C19 and early C20. Some included ever-mushrooming racism, White terrorism, Jim Crow practices, segregation, discrimination, and sadistic prison system pipelines and biased courts. Continuing in urban ghettos are: Media destructive stereotypes, underemployment or unemployment, large numbers of single working mothers, slum housing, lack of police protection, police brutality, grossly inadequate sanitation services, high incidences of crime and delinquency, exceptionally high disease/infant mortality rates, isolation from mainstream American life, a "Grand Canyon" sized gap in riches, chronic outrage/shame, chronic prostitution, vice, and anything destructive to human existence (McPherson, “Blacks in America,” pp. 188, 396). Hence, their Belief Systems are an Association of Negative Ideas which spur cascading Delusions (believing what is not real and not believing what is real). Each has Maafa Effects, Consequences, and Results. This causes status quo struggling Black People to experience every conceivable Poverty type. Layered on their Maafa is the awareness that life will not get any better for them. This results in “Inside-Out” Mindsets

Similar to wearing a coat inside out, this includes giving up ones Spiritual Selfishness and allowing the enemy to direct and control all converted victims. In this way, the enemy provides “life-lines” for parenting how to live badly so victims bonding with the savage enemy will never go against them. Pursuing impractical things that fail, destroy, confuse, frustrate, injure, bring loss, obstructions, or pain means they swing like helpless branches in the wind. A Subdivision includes Enslaved Minded Black Americans (e.g. the “Oreo”) who remain burdened with Slave Survivals (maintaining Styles for forgotten reasons). This worked okay for the Enslaved but are now self-defeating. However, a very significant group–Ambitious Isolated Individualists have somehow cultivated a degree of Self-Reliance, Assertiveness, Talent Creativity, and self-enhancements regarding doing right and decent things for “ME/WE”. They want to “Be Somebody” but have no idea how—no idea where to get help. To them, I have dedicated my post-retirement life in trying to help in any way I can. jabaileymd.com; JABLifeSkills; Theievoice.com



Joseph A. Bailey II, MD, FACS


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