Stay Prepared

Stay Prepared

A Message for Students this School Year and Every Year

Editor’s Note: Last month as children in the inland region prepared for the first day of school, Lady Sabrina Clayvon of the Church of God in Christ of San Bernardino delivered a special message to the congregation’s young people about the importance of being and staying prepared. 

“I wanted to connect school preparation to God’s plan. Since the children and young adults were going back to either preschool, elementary, middle, high school or college, God gave me a simple message to help them understand preparation and why it’s important. 

I first introduced the ruler. We know rulers measure, mark and help people define their work. However, I let all who attended know, God measures our progress—not by focusing so much on when [or where] we started but by measuring distance in relation to how far we have come/grown. Ephesians 4:7 lets us know that we all are given the measure of Christ’s gift. Everyone starts somewhere but oftentimes some stay at the starting line just waiting. Since God has given unto us his gift through Jesus Christ, we should move in the things of God. Start and run the race rejoicing as we measure our progress but give Glory to the Father. 

I then introduced the pencil which helps us write our story as we go. The pencil is a simple tool that many take for granted but it can be used to help so many others beyond ourselves. I wonder, how many of us share our stories with others so we can help them make progress? Use the simplicity of the pencil to write, reflect and share. 

Next, I introduced markers. Children love markers with their array of colors and how their caps, snap off.   Not to mention, they also come with many different attributes, some are washable, others bold or classic and many other styles. I used this example to let the children know that God marks our territory. For example, where they started is not where they are today. God encourages us to move forward and stay the course.

I also discussed the relevance of notebook paper and how it enables them to record and organize their schoolwork page by page. In other words, I explained to them, how God wants us to remember because we have the tendency to forget. I let them know how sometimes he wants us to turn back the pages to remind us of his goodness, because it’s not about us. 

Finally, I held up a binder stressing how putting it all together is critical. Teachers refer to it as organization, which allows us to find what we need when we need it and be prepared when assignments are due. A messy life has no order. I encouraged everyone to ask God to help them organize things from the start until we finish our course. Simply put—keep it together. 

Then I placed all the items in a backpack to remind everyone—including myself—to take God with us along with the items necessary for success. Matthew 24:44 lets us know we must always be ready. One missing item can cost us time we cannot afford to waste. Therefore, as the children were encouraged, I encourage everyone to be prepared with the right tools and pass each test God places in your path.”

Header Photo: Lady Sabrina Clayton Contributor

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