Dr. Joseph A. Bailey, II, MD., FACS

In African Tradition, meaningful recoveries from any “Take Charge/Control” thing require appropriate Human Ideal Standards to ultimately unify all results of its ‘tools’ (e.g. guides, filters, and measures). Such applies to Spiritual, Spiritual/Metaphysical, and Spiritual/Metaphysical/Physical life situations where things of Worth or Values can be judged against proper Standards. These ‘tools’ are also used as models against which one compares where one is now and how well ones think, feel, say, and do activities conforms to it. Ancient Africans’ ultimate Standard is composed of the Spiritual Elements of Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural. Unconditional Love is the ultimate unifying force of life, meaning it connects all Cosmic Force created Creatures and Creations within the multi-dimensional systems of the Cosmic Circle of Wholism. This implies each independent Entity is interdependent with all other Entities. Thus, each and all Entities are comprised of eternal, infiniteconsistent, permanent, stationary, and unchanging states of Continuity (unity among apparent diversity) sameness of the Constant Spiritual Elements. To illustrate how Spiritual Elements Attributes’ Guidelines work, if one is swimming in the middle of a Spiritual Elements river but then veers right or left, the resultant sense of natural subtle Disharmony discerned by ones Conscience activates ones Soul Sunshine Associates. These include: ones Selfhood Aliveness; Appreciation; Beauty; Compassion; Courage; Creativity, Curiosity; Dignity; Freedom; Gentleness; Goodness; Happiness; Honorableness, Humor; Human Perfection; Play; Personal Power;  and Well-Being. One or more of these Associates will be used by ones Pre-birth Emotions and Intellect to redirect and then self-correct any misdirection. By following these Guidelines, one maneuvers ones Selfhood so as to return to the "straight ahead" course flow of the river. Thereafter, to remain in their flow and develop all of ones life products out of that flow means ones course through life will continue to be illuminated in ways proper for Right Life daily living. Included in that same intuition is what pertains to  any aspect of ones Selfhood + “ME/WE” relationships and benefits. Results from any choices, decisions, or solutions about anything made within that flow is of a Human Ideal nature. That is how cultivation of ones birth gift Real Self paves paths to make discernable benefits in tiny pieces of ones world and those within it. 

Ancient Africans said  the “Goodness” a human does will have some ultimate effect on every Real Thing in the Cosmos. Within this context, the best of what one has to share in “ME/WE” settings is even more than one is able to experience. A reason is its likeness to ripples from throwing a stone into a lake and eventually goes beyond ones ability to discern. Continuations of ripples flow into infinite (limitless space) and Eternal (limitless time) depths and realms of the Cosmic Being. Such is the very best one can do to create, enhance, achieve, and maintain a fulfilling, thriving, and happy life. Based upon those ripples having profound effects, even into that human’s Afterlife, Ancient Africans illustrated this on the Deceased’s “Heart” Judgment Day when it was weighed against the feather of Ma’at. If it balanced, one continued the journey into the “Heaven Afterlife.” If the “Heart” was too perfect, it would not balance Ma’at’s feather because perfection is not natural for any human. 

Secular Standards are non-Spiritual and non-evil but are good or bad. Europeans Synonyms include Criterion; Measure; Test, touchstone, yardstick, gauge, Gage; Norm; Pattern; Model; Mold; Type; and Prototype. Out of concepts contained in these came extensions in C15 into metaphorical applications–like official royal standards where weights and measurements, as yardsticks, were issued. Because this yardstick was the recognized model of correctness or quality, Standard took on the sense of criterion, norm, or measure.  For the Public, Standards are the issuing point of authoritative commands. As considered by an authority(s) or by general agreement, they are the basis of comparison against which one(s) can make judgments about compatibility. That Thing may be a set of human-made rules, guidelines, or principles by which to evaluate the something being compared to it. For Personal usage, a Secular Standard serves as a measurement to guide ones choices in the achievement of a specific purpose. By being personal (thus, human-made), they generate inclinations that provide a False Self  flawed approach through the maze of life. jabaileymd.com; JABLifeSkills; Theievoice.com


Joseph A. Bailey II, MD, FACS


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