Saida Maalin|Contributor

San Bernardino County submitted a plan to the State and last week was given authorization to move into a later stage of Phase 2 by reopening retail shops, hospitals, restaurants and other higher risk workplaces.

“We know our businesses are hurting, and we know business owners are doing everything they can to prepare to open safely,” said Curt Hagman, chairman of the Board of Supervisors. “We are with you on wanting to reopen as fast as possible, and we’re going to work around the clock until you can.”

The county’s plan to move further into Phase 2 included a readiness check which ensured the county met the required state criteria to prevent and lower risk of the novel coronavirus.

Governor Gavin Newsom previously introduced a four stage plan considered a Resilience Roadmap for businesses in the state to establish they’re COVID compliant.

Part of the requirements for moving further into Phase 2 required the county to show COVID-19 cases were low enough to be contained; that essential workers are protected, the area’s testing capacity is adequate, and there is adequate hospital capacity.

More information regarding “readiness criteria” can be found on the California Department of Public Health website.

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