San Bernardino County Transportation Authority Rejects Proposed Legislation

San Bernardino County Transportation Authority Rejects Proposed Legislation

San Bernardino

On behalf of the San Bernardino County Transportation Authority (SBCTA) the agency’s president Darcy McNaboe reacted purposely to the recent introduction of legislation by Assemblymember Chris Holden (D-Pasadena) to create a new construction authority.  The proposed West San Bernardino County Rail Construction Authority would facilitate the design and development of a six-mile extension (Gold Line) of the passenger train from Montclair to the Ontario Airport.  McNaboe did not mince words in her response. “Despite our requests to work within the framework of SBCTA, I was disappointed to learn that Mr. Holden introduced legislation that would allow the state to dictate that San Bernardino County taxpayers fund an expanded bureaucracy to build a multi-billion transportation project that has not been approved by the SBCTA Board or by the voters of San Bernardino County through Measure I.” McNaboe explained how last December a few members of the SBCTA Board were contacted to receive initial reactions to his concept of a new construction authority. According to McNaboe as discussions continued, Mr. Holden delayed introduction of his legislation to further engage the SBCTA Board.  “Through these subsequent conversations,” she continued. “I along with a few select members of our Board, shared our opinion that the creation of a new construction authority is unnecessary to successfully plan and construct the desired passenger rail connection to Ontario International Airport in San Bernardino County.” The SBCTA Board believed the establishment of such an entity would make the desired project more costly and serve to increase the time for project delivery. “We affirmed that SBCTA is the authority for transportation in San Bernardino County and that we were willing to partner with other existing agencies—including LA Metro and Metrolink—to create a regional transportation solution,” McNaboe affirmed.  She also shared with Holden SBCTA’s commitment to see that plans for future rail and transit access to Ontario International Airport are consistent with the needs of San Bernardino County taxpayers, “[W]ho would bear the financial responsibility for the project and provide connectivity to our neighbors in Riverside, Orange, and Los Angeles County.”

Header Photo: Darcy McNaboe and Assemblymember Chris Holden

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