San Bernardino County Has a New Vision for Safety

San Bernardino County Has a New Vision for Safety

San Bernardino

The San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors has adopted a new campaign aimed at improving safety and emergency preparedness in the county. 

The campaign, titled Vision4Safety, is rooted in the belief that county residents, families and business owners are always striving to make their communities safer.

The goal of the campaign is to bring people together to create safer neighborhoods, schools and workplaces across the county. It will work to connect people to community policing, emergency response and disaster planning programs. It also aims to encourage residents to follow professional tips to keep their families safe.

“We know that safe communities attract investment and opportunity to San Bernardino County and that’s why we support Vision4Safety,” said Supervisor Robert Lovingood, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors. “I encourage residents to get to know their neighbors and form watch groups—in person or online, volunteer for community emergency response teams and make sure you and your family are prepared for disasters such as wildfires and earthquakes, which are all too common in San Bernardino County.”

County officials believe public safety has a direct and profound impact on the kind of communities the public desires, especially regarding its impact on jobs, the economy, education and wellness. Several studies have shown the direct correlation between a reduction in violent crimes and an increase in housing values. Such studies also show how exposure to violence and crime at school, home or in a neighborhood can impact a child’s emotional and cognitive development and cause depression, violent behavior and poor performance in school. 

Crime, however, is not the only factor that can impact community safety.  Earthquakes, wildfires (as experienced recently) and floods also occur in the county. Such events have the potential to disrupt communities and cause damage and casualties. While the public safety agencies respond to such emergencies, citizens are expected to provide for their own needs for at least 72 hours following a catastrophic event. Every household and business should have an emergency preparedness plan and practice it regularly in addition to adequate supplies (including prescription medication) to last at least 72 hours.

The Vision4Safety campaign will kick off officially on Tuesday, August 7 marking the annual National Night Out, a community-building event that promotes partnerships between communities, police and emergency services. A listing of National Night Out events in San Bernardino County can be found at

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