Riverside Residents Donate Stimulus Check to Local Food Bank

Riverside Residents Donate Stimulus Check to Local Food Bank


A Riverside couple did the unexpected with their government issued stimulus check by donating to feed others during this pandemic.

County residents are encouraged to donate to local food banks in the midst of this global pandemic as food insecurity continues to be an ongoing issue–being fought by caring individuals like Jim and Phyllis Judge.

“There are a lot more people in dire positions. If you don’t need the money, donate it to a local food bank to help the needy,” Jim Judge said.

As the nation faces many financial stressors due to COVID-19, the Judges took it upon themselves to be philanthropic with their checks and give back.

According to the Inland Empire Business Journal the couple is living off Jim’s social security and their retirement incomes and are financially comfortable.

The Judges would like people who are capable of donating to Feeding America Riverside-San Bernardino (FARSB), the largest food bank in the Inland Empire. Their family was the first to donate during the pandemic.

FARSB delivers up to two million pounds of food per month and provides emergency relief and education to families.

The organization works with 250 nonprofits and serves 1.2 million people every year in Riverside and San Bernardino counties. Over 400,000 people in the Inland Empire don’t have access to adequate meals.

The couple has lived in Riverside for 65 years and has donated $2,400 to feed up to 192,000 families.

Other couples followed suit like William and Robin DeKleine, and Michael and Amanda Bates–both couples donated their entire stimulus checks to a food bank and nonprofits for disadvantaged individuals.

“We are a retired couple with sufficient income to live comfortably. This is stimulus money that we don’t need that can be better used by people who do,” the DeKleine family said.

Julia Sanzberro and her husband donated to multiple charities that mattered to them by splitting up their check.

Not everyone is capable of donating their stimulus check. However, FARSB stated even one dollar can supply up to 8 meals. To donate visit https://www.feedingamericaie.org/donate. Or donate to the IE COVID-19 Resilience Fund by visiting https://www.iegives.org.

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