Riverside County Superior Court (source: Wikipedia.com), San Bernardino County Superior Court (source: rsconstruction.com)

Phyllis Kimber Wilcox | IE Voice

Due to the  rise in  Omicron variant COVID-19  cases  all new jury trials in Riverside and San Bernardino Superior Courts are suspended.

In a press statement on Wednesday January 5, San Bernardino Superior Court officials announced, “All new criminal jury trials have been suspended through January 27, 2022 and civil jury trials have been suspended through February 22, 2022.”

In response, all civil parties were asked to meet and confer to pick a tentative trial date sometime after February 22, 2022, and to submit a stipulation to the court. According to officials, if no stipulation is submitted, a new trial date will be selected at the current trial readiness conference.

Officials further noted preference will be given to available jurors in criminal cases which must be adjudicated within specific time frames. Court officials noted, “Those cases include all criminal cases, unlawful detainer jury trials, civil cases with statutory preference under the California Code of Civil Procedure sections 35-37, and civil cases approaching the 5-year deadline under California Code of Procedure sections 583.310 and 583.320.”

Cases which fall outside this definition may also be adjudicated for good cause  through  remote technology. For more information see the information provided here.

Reader’s are encouraged to check your court’s COVID-19 website for information  on the status of the pandemic and its effects on judicial  proceedings. Follow this link for Riverside County and this link for San Bernardino County.  

What’s required to enter court facilities

Also as of Tuesday, January 5, all persons entering court facilities are required to wear a face mask at all times. Masks are available upon request at security screening (does not apply to children under two years of age).

It is important to note that court security will turn away anyone not wearing an appropriate face covering. Non-exempt individuals who remove their face covering after entering a court facility may be denied services, have their legal matter rescheduled, andor will be asked to leave the building. In addition, six foot physical distancing is required inside courtrooms. Access to courtrooms are limited to parties, their attorneys, witnesses subpoenaed to testify, and other authorized persons. Public access to court proceedings is available via the Courtroom Live Streaming webpage. 

The clerks’ offices in both courts remain open for public services.