Rent in California is Too Darn High

Rent in California is Too Darn High

Yera Nanan  

Rental housing comes in many forms from nice apartment units to houses, it can even include a backhouse on a colleague’s property.

Whatever space a person may choose to rent, there is a lot to take into account like price, amenities, safety and proximity to local schools and/or luxuries that the city may have to offer.

California falls into an interesting space when it comes to renting. rates the state as the most expensive for rent in the United States.

They also rank California in the top ten in percentage of total income spent on rent, with Los 

OAngeles being the most expensive city in the country since average rent sits at roughly $2,600 a month.

In 2017, Riverside made the top ten list for highest percent of renters who spent 30% percent or more of their income, as reported by The Tribune.

When looking at the local rental market, ranks San Bernardino in the bottom half for ‘Rental Market and Affordability’ along with ‘Quality of Life’.

QVC Inbound employee and resident at the Vue Apartments, Nicolas Johnson, must put in countless hours at work just to be able to keep up with his rental payments.

“When I first got here, we were paying $1,350 a month and it was going good… one thing I did notice is that every year they go up on their prices so currently I am paying $1,750 a month,” said Johnson said. Johnson rents a three bedroom, 2 bath unit. reports the average rent in San Bernardino sits at about $1,287.

Many minorities in San Bernardino average less than $40,000 for median household income as reported by, making this a low-socioeconomic area.

Some residents who rent within this community feel for the price being paid per month, the quality of the experience does not match.

“I’ve noticed that the maintenance guy doesn’t really fix stuff and they got rid of security at one point, so it definitely got hectic around here especially with more car break-ins,” expressed Johnson.

Student Athlete for California State University, San Bernardino, Lydia Morohunfola, moved from Sunrise Apartments to the Vue to have more amenities, but was sadly mistaken.

“I had to pay for washer and dryer services, and it was getting really expensive…my new place is definitely a step down in security and there’s some questionable characters that [frequent] this area,” said Morohunfola said.

Many college students and low-income families have to settle for areas like this even though there could be lower prices with better amenities elsewhere.

“We are currently looking in the Fontana and Rialto area for a new apartment…the first thing I look for is everything that surrounds it like if there’s a school or an airport next to it,”, expressed Johnson.

Certified Nurse Assistant at Sierra Vista Hospital, Onyeka Ubatuegwu, has been able to find comfort in his living quarters by renting out a room in a house.

“I hit craigslist because why not…using craigslist I found a couple of houses, took tours, asked questions and got the house that I am in now,”, said Ubatuegwu said.

The house is located across the street from CSUSB, in one of the more affluent areas in the city where crime and break-ins are not a problem.

“My landlord is extra nice…I live close to the campus and I have enough furnished space to call home for a little bit which are the accommodations I wanted specifically,” mentioned Ubatuegwu.

When looking outside of San Bernardino, cities like Fontana and Bakersfield have been ranked as some of the most affordable places to live in California by

The median monthly rent rate for these cities are even lower than some places in other, more affordable states. 

Yera Nanan is a graduate of California State University, San Bernardino with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies. He is a multimedia creative that looks to tell stories through video, photography, and writing. 

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