Remember When the Circus Came to Town?

Remember When the Circus Came to Town?

Remember when the circus came to town and you were frightened by the clown?” This refrain played repeatedly in my head during President Trump’s disastrous stampede through Europe this past weekend.
Whether he was shamelessly, with both malice and forethought, embarrassing the Prime Minister of England or criticizing the Chancellor of Germany or verbally and inappropriately flogging European nations based on his misunderstanding of the role of NATO and the European countries’ previously agreed to commitment to increase their level of contributions to NATO by the year 2020, far too many Americans and most in the international community at-large ran out of adjectives to describe the brutish, ignorant behavior and appalling lack of diplomacy exhibited by the president.
So, by the time Trump and Russian President Putin met for the much anticipated and inappropriately titled “summit,” the world was reeling and running out of words to describe his aberrant behavior. But then, the president dug himself down into a new low and in the process, created an epic foreign policy crisis. His behavior was so bizarre during his meeting with Putin, it even forced some FOX news pundits to rain down a hail of criticism and it also forced some of his Republican legislative enablers to lob soft balls of criticism, though in some cases the criticism from Republicans was fairly harsh—something that rarely happens.
In Helsinki, Trump placed the lies of President Putin above the findings of America’s own intelligence agencies about Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election. He also failed to raise concerns expressed by fellow NATO countries about Russia’s behavior in areas that impact them most directly. In the process, President Trump brought this country “low” in the eyes of the world.
Since World War II, peoples of the world have looked to America as that shining beacon on a hill, as the undisputed leader of the free world from a democratic and economic perspective—all of that is changing under his stewardship. For many, the United States under Trump, no longer represents the values of liberty and democracy and its reputation as a haven for refugees is severely damaged.
I, for one, believe we are firmly entrenched in an ideological battle for the soul of this nation. In America’s perpetual quest to realize a “more perfect union,” it now appears we, as a nation, have lost our way. We can no longer afford to pretend that what we are experiencing under Republican leadership is “business as usual”—it is not.
We must stop acting as if this President and his Republican enablers are acting in the best interest of the nation. Every day, in almost every way the president continues to place his personal aggrandizement and the interests of the wealthy, well connected and possibly, international gangsters, above the interests of working class and poor Americans and this country.
We must do more to challenge his offensive, derisive and divisive actions, to stop his nationalistic push in its tracks. Trump has morphed from the circus clown we met in the 2016 primaries into Stephen King’s infamous Pennywise, but rather than murdering people, he is killing the American dream. This November he must be constrained. We must elect congressional representatives that will place a check on his haphazard and devastating leadership—”Remember when the circus came to town and you were frightened by the clown. . .”
Of course, this is just my opinion. I’m keeping it real.

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