Krysta Hawkins

Rancho Verde High School in Moreno Valley, kicked off college application season with a visit from UC President Janet Napolitano and UCR Chancellor Kim Wilcox, on Friday, Nov. 2. 

The Rancho Verde Crimson Regiment played as the Mustang class of 2019 filled the gym. Immediately following the entrance there was a performance by the school’s choir.  

Recent Rancho Verde High School graduate Brenda Romero, now a freshman at UC Riverside, gave students an idea of what the transition from high school to a college campus was like for her.

“Finding your true passion is the beauty of college,” Romero shared. She further stressed to the students that their greatest achievement will be their ability to rise-up after they have made a mistake. 

The event served as inspiration for students to stay steadfast in their pursuit of college and provided information regarding the benefits of choosing a UC school as they pursue higher education.

UC President Napolitano discussed the grants and financial aid available for students who choose a UC education such as the Blue and Gold Opportunity Plan. “There are multiple opportunities available and these opportunities are yours for the taking,” Napolitano encouraged. 

The Blue and Gold Opportunity Plan helps UC undergraduates whose families make less than $80,000 per year, pay for their tuition. 

UCR Chancellor Kim Wilcox also spoke with the students, making sure he expressed that they will not be alone on this journey, even if they are the first in their family to attend college. Wilcox, himself a first-generation college graduate discussed the FirstGen campaign within the UC system, that offers academic advising and general support to students. 

Seventy percent of students in Moreno Valley area were accepted to UC schools last year says Chancellor Wilcox. 

Napolitano and Wilcox also gave encouragement to those students who choose to attend a community college first, and how their subsequent transfer to a UC campus can be a seamless transition.

Header Photo: UC President Janet Napolitano speaking with Val Verde students.