Pointing the Way: Stirring Our Conscience to Provoke Us to Action

Pointing the Way: Stirring Our Conscience to Provoke Us to Action

From the Editor: Beginning this week the IE Voice/Black Voice News welcomes the insights of Rev. Steven Shepard titled—Pointing the Way. Shepard is Senior Pastor, St. Paul AME Church, San Bernardino, CA. Please enjoy his first column. 

January 31, 2020 will be a date etched in the minds of many the world over. On that date,  51 GOP Senators, elected to serve and protect our country from enemies both international and domestic, refused to allow witnesses in the impeachment trial of President Donald J. Trump and a few hours later, gave us a halfhearted explanation as to their reasoning behind their decision.

Make no mistake about it, we must be honest with ourselves about what transpired on the senate floor and what it means to you, me and communities of color. 

The vote was not about right or wrong. The vote was not about allowing a fair trial or getting to the truth of the matter. The vote wasn’t even about protecting our country from a domestic enemy. But rather, it was to protect an oppressive society steeped in racism and supremacy. It was a vote to protect an opportunistic, obnoxious occupant of the oval office who is obviously obtuse, and over objectifies meaningless madness for his self-gratification.

When I was asked to submit this article—I’m grateful to Mr. Hardy Brown for giving me this opportunity to submit weekly—I knew I had to stir our conscience and provoke us to action. I do so by simply saying, “It is Time to Fight!”

No longer can we go along to get along. No longer can we gather, hold hands and sing Kumbaya and think everything is going to be alright. No longer can we allow folks to take our voice and vote for granted, use, abuse and misuse us and pretend everything is alright. We must fight and fight with our voice and our vote. 

• Make sure you check your voter registration and ensure that you are eligible to vote, and your information is correct. From your smart device or computer, go to www.voterstatus.sos.ca.gov and follow the onscreen instructions. 

• Register to vote (if you are 18 years old or older) – It’s a painless process. Go to www.registertovote.ca.gov and follow onscreen instructions.

• Encourage family and friends to register and/or check their registration. Share the steps above with family and friends.

• Educate yourself on the issues and where the candidate stands. Do an online search and try to use an unbiased approach.

• Speak up, speak out and speak against injustices whenever and wherever you encounter them. Realize that you can make a difference and that your voice matters.

I am just Pointing the Way.

Header Photo: Rev. Steven Shepard, Contributor

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