Humans’ Private Selfhoods are first developed. Ancient African Sages said it consists of the Image of God instilled in each human’s Soul and called the “Self” (Divine Consciousness + “First Wisdom”). The “Self”–reflecting the Supreme Being—is above emotional influences as well as expresses the “What and Why” it wants to manifest (i.e. what it is Willing) in the Earth World. Both set in motion ones Spirit and/or Body functions inside Divine Law’s flowing processes (Amen, Metu Neter I:152; MAAT p12). If one maintains ones Real Self, ones Public Self’s Think, Feel, Say, and Do actions reflect those of ones Private Selfhood. Together, they comprise a human’s Spiritual  Philosophy of Life (POL), similar to holding on to a life’s Tow-Rope. A POL: (1) connects to where one came from with where one is going–enabling one to Take Charge and Control of “who one is”—to predict ones final destination—and to have a path to get there; (2) the Source from which one came has imparted in one the Nature (“What it Does”) to operate in life; and (3) is something Safe and Secure to hold on to while crossing the various troubled waters of situations and settings one is in throughout life. At Earth World birth, all humans, being part of the Animal Kingdom, are guided by the Instinct law of: “Is it For me or Against me”. In early childhood, humans expand their Selfhoods by selecting top likes and “things that are for me” as well as to avoid top dislikes and “things that are against me”. Between these, adjustments are made by doing things not liked but known to be beneficial—like teeth brushings. Such adjustments have been based upon predicting what might be best “For Me” in getting through life.  With increasing maturity–and aside from likes and dislikes–youth select top items of “Worth” (things money can not buy, like love, belongingness) and/or “Value” (things able to be bought or sold–like products resulting from ones genius, skills, talents, works, or appearance).

Once people decide which things of worth or things of value would dominate their lives and make them vital to their lifestyle, their basic System of Values is formed. Slowly, those “best way to live life” Values are prioritized and molded by their chosen Standards—whether emphasizing things of Worth and/or of Value. Sources of their system of Values + associated Standards may be: 1. a continuation of their Spiritual POL; 2. from Socialization; 3. from “Doing it my way”; 4. from adopting in-group POL; or 5. from combinations. Some maintain Ancient Africans’ Spiritual POL; some embrace the Indifference/Hate/Evil/Sadism (IHES) mindsets of Supernatural cults;  some in the Secular remain between the Spiritual and the Supernatural. Subgroups lean toward being as good as they can imagine; other subgroups have become entrenched in the “Scarce Desirables” of the Material World with a greedy For or Against “me, me, me”. Regardless of type, the chosen “seeds” of ones POL take on the nature of how each human decides to deal with it. For example, the Childish feel entitled to “only For me” benefits and privileges; their “Against me” are others having what they want, as in well-being and happiness—and since they cannot be like that, they do the opposite or destroy what they can. Also, the Weak are envious and threatened by others Selfhood and External world achievements. Since they cannot compete or are unwilling to do what is better for “ME/WE”, their perceived Selfhood inadequacies lead to further self-hate and blaming others. Then most respond with a “Bully” Attitude, as in claiming: “I’m superior to you because I live in a Supernatural (made-up) world and possess all of its “Powers”. These “bad Icon Image” Seeds can result from being Socialized outside the flow of the Spiritual Elements and/or may be Bad Values one chooses and lives. 

The result from either is the “ugly” Seeds consisting of fettered, non-Mathematical, and “Non-Rational” Thought displays. Once grounded, these “Seeds” bud, bloom, flower, and fruit into IHES mindsets which engage in Kill/Take/Destroy/Dominate/Oppress/Control practices. Any of them can be in overt, tempered, masked, or concealed degrees—each showing direct, indirect, or modified combinations. So, a POL is a human/group/society’s capsulized Disposition of the Essence of what ranges from “what is best For Me and what is most Against Me.” The Effects may be destructive to others/oneself; or of “ME/WE” benefits. Only the African Tradition POL is what will “forever” provide the best Right Life Living for the Afrocentric. It leads to thriving and happiness; JABLifeSkills;



Joseph A. Bailey II, MD, FACS


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