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The System of the Natural World is an Approach (the way) concerned with created Beings functioning as vehicles. From them, Mathematically Structured Things will come into Existence (African, “Essence,” to be as absolutely necessary and with a customized Identity)–each regulating its own components. Organization of that System means a combination of aspects working in a cooperative unity, as a whole, to carry out like-kind functions in order to achieve the same end product. Order is a ‘fixed’ or guideline Plan or ‘a regular series’ or a law of arrangement whereby all involved ingredients are dependent on their interdependence (“Oneness”). That safeguards their mutual dependence. The Disposition of a Cosmic Force Created System is the message for the later division of its whole into an infinitude of parts. That “Oneness” of Origin–the basis of Cosmic Order—maintains a state of Order in each of the whole’s subdivided parts. For example, Programmed Order in humans is Health. Ancient Africans remained in the Cosmic Process of Nature to let Programmed Order regulate their Social Behaviors in such areas as Morality, Spirituality, and Prosperity. As seen in their Subcultures, each created their own Methods (how to do the job), Techniques (how tools are used in the approach and method) and Manner (the different ways a technique can be handled). But each was still like-kind in their Spiritual Elements’ Static Background “Structure” inner/outer displays. As explained by C. Williams (Destruction of Black Civilization p 26, 175), starting early in their history dating to 200,000 BC, Africans shared a common Philosophy of Life—interweaving Spiritually, Philosophy, and Social Structure. Besides a continent-wide constitution governing the whole African People as a single ‘race,’ its principles and practices were held onto and carried by migrating Black People to every part of the African continent….and, I add, to every part of the world outside Africa.

Their Principles derived from the same Constitution, being Mathematically organized Thought Forms, meant their thinking processes occurred by constructing ingredients of Principles (i.e. mosaics) into pertinent arrangements and/or combinations. Each was built piece by piece—put into, and held firm as African Tradition Patterns, in Power shapes. A given Pattern, a fully realized form of an Essence imparted by the Cosmic Creator Source, possesses an outer Image + an inner matrix (a womb) supplying it with what is required to make the Essence happen when cultivated. The outer Image contains the Cosmic Creator Source’s Disposition message of “What and Why” regarding Right Life Living. That Pattern is a Setting—i.e. the surroundings in which Think, Feel, Say, or Do decisions are made within ones mind as to whether or not to convey it into an outer world Situation. The Setting + the Situation in African Tradition concern: how to organize to promote create, enhance, or maintain Harmony; how to go forward on the Positive Scale of Life; and means to avoid, lessen, minimize, or get rid of Disharmony. The bull’s eye for both is staying within and forming products out of the Spiritual Elements of Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural. An example for both is using conversational “Indirection”—i.e. abstaining from “face”-threatening directness or from hurting others feelings–while promoting Feeling harmony. This avoiding of any attacks on the opponent was borrowed by, and expanded on, by the Chinese Sun Tzu, under the title of “Taking Whole“.

So, RATIONAL MATHEMATICAL THINKING is the means through which humans can discern the natural and inherent unity maintained in the host of Cosmic multi-system differentiated Existences. Any Mathematical break is outside African Tradition. The Spiritual Elements derived Qualitative Mathematical Organization system enables thinking of Normative Sciences (e.g. Theological, Psychological, Philosophical) matters with similar objectivity/precision that Quantitative Mathematics reasonably applies to the “Empirical” (‘relating to experience’) Sciences. These are also called Formal, Earth, Hard, “Physical,” and Life–e.g. Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, “Social,” Moral, & Economics. The Point: Critical Thinking determines if what is presented is harmonious by tracing its processes of differentiation so as to discern if there is the maintenance of unity in the midst of increasing differentiation. Such is Truth—which expands into to Knowledge—and when used to make consistent right choices for “ME/WE,” it is Wisdom!!! [Ref. Amen, Metu Neter I:65, 71 & II: 60] jabaileymd.com; JABLifeSkills; Theievoice.com



Joseph A. Bailey II, MD, FACS


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