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News in Brief

Drunk Driving: CHP Officer Shares Personal Story

On November 11, 2017, a drunk driver killed a family of three – close relatives of California Highway Patrol (CHP) Officer Mark Latulippe of San Diego. In the hope of saving lives, the CHP has released, “Falling: A documentary film from the California Highway Patrol.” In this docudrama Officer Latulippe shares his heart wrenching journey that fateful day in 2017 and the devastating impact drunken driving had on his life and his commitment to prevent others from suffering a similar loss. The 14-minute film is more than worth the time it will take to watch it as it drives home how one wrong decision—the decision to drink and drive—can change the lives of so many.


Filling a Hole in the State’s Economy

Riverside, CA – As the economy cautiously comes to life with trepidations about what the future may hold in a COVID world, economic forecaster Beacon Economics (BE) recently provided a rosy economic outlook predicting a strong recovery during the latter part of 2020 followed by a near full recovery in 2021. This prediction for California however stood in stark contrast to the outlook provided by the Congressional Budget Office which suggested it will take close to a decade for the nation to reach full recovery. Although more than 140K jobs were added to the state’s economy in July, BE did acknowledge the 1.7 million jobs lost in the state due to the pandemic, will take time to recover even after the virus is fully contained. “In 2019, the state’s economy added roughly 22,000 jobs per month,” the forecaster stated. “For each month that it takes to return to the pre-pandemic level of employment, the state is effectively losing a further 22,000 jobs per month, based on the 2019 trend.”

San Bernardino County Officials Ignore Recent CDC Guidelines Regarding Asymptomatic People

San Bernardino, CA – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently advised asymptomatic people no longer need to get tested for COVID-19. The stealth change was quietly made to the agency’s online guidelines without a formal announcement. The revised policy reads “You do not necessarily need a test unless you are a vulnerable individual or your health care provider or state or local public health officials recommend you take one.  The County of San Bernardino will continue to offer testing opportunities for residents in an effort to work toward meeting the testing criteria set by the state of California. To make an appointment for a testing site near you, visit If you do not have online access, please call (909) 387-3911 for appointment assistance. To review changes to the CDC policy see

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