My Remarks—San Bernardino City Council Meeting, November 4th

My Remarks—San Bernardino City Council Meeting, November 4th

Re Teri Ledoux

I want to tell Teri Ledoux  “thank you” for meeting with me last month at my home. It was easier for me to talk and her to understand me with my wife there to explain what I said when Teri would have that puzzled look on her face.

We shared with each other our love for the city I now live in and where she grew up. I must say, I believe her when she says she wants the best for San Bernardino and is committed to do whatever it takes in the little time she will be the city manager.

She told me about her desire to have an assessment done of the police department. After reading the impressive profile of the firm that will do the work, I am in support of it provided some of my concerns are addressed which will improve trust and community relations between police and Black citizens.

I followed up my meeting with Ledoux by providing her and Councilmember Bessine Richard with copies of an outline to a plan I’ve offered for consideration. It is focused on developing an Equal Employment Opportunity “plan of action” for the city. Once implemented, I know it will go a long way toward providing Equal Employment Opportunities to current staff and outside applicants while building trust in the employment process.

Re: Police Transparency

I watched the video put out by the police department regarding the shooting of Richard Sanchez.  

In the video after his internal investigation McBride said, “Upon completion of our internal investigation and review process, we’ve concluded that one of our officer’s decision-making did not meet the standards held by our department or the community we serve,” McBride said in the video. “As a result, he no longer works for the San Bernardino Police Department.”

The video does provide some transparency but being a retired HR Manager, I also listened for what was “not” said. What I want to know and so should you, is what does that mean that the officer involved no longer works for the San Bernardino Police Department? Did Officer Brandon Gaddie retire? Was he fired? Was he allowed to resign? What does it say in Gaddie’s personnel record? Is he eligible for rehire pending the action of the District Attorney’s Office? 

Re: Police Compensation

The police compensation Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed in 2015 before some of the current members were on the council. My advice to you is vote “no” on giving acting Police Chief Eric McBride a nine percent raise for doing nothing and please do not sign any more MOU’s that guarantee employees a raise regardless of the budgetary constraints placed on the city. The first MOU was wrong and contributed to the city going bankrupt. If you are running for office, let people know who signed the MOU and tied your hands. 

Re: Limiting Councilmembers’ Comments

While I understand the need for limiting comments by councilmembers to (5) minutes, there should be some flexibility spelled out in the resolution. If the mayor carries out the policy in a “soft and friendly tone” it will be viewed as good because Fred Shorett and Henry Nickel can get wordy sometimes.

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Photo by Benoit Maphettes

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