Minority Owned MAX-40 Fitness & Personal Training to Sponsor Top Division Competition

Minority Owned MAX-40 Fitness & Personal Training to Sponsor Top Division Competition


On Saturday June 22nd the MAX-40 Fitness and Personal Training Center in Riverside will sponsor one of the top Divisions in the Center Podium NPC & IFBB Pro League Bodybuilding national qualifying event at the Riverside Convention Center.   NPC or the National Physique Committee is the largest organization for amateur bodybuilders in the United States, considered a first step in the path to professional bodybuilding; and the IFBB or International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness allows body builders to compete on a professional level.   African Americans Shanae Smith and her husband Glen own the MAX-40 Fitness and Personal Training (MAX-40) center, a workout facility that provides high-intensity interval training (H.I.I.T) to its members. The facility offers specialized, state of the art gym equipment and serves both male and female clients in an environment conducive to bodybuilding and strength training.   Smith’s passion for fitness and health began when she developed strict nutrition habits at the age of 23 after losing her father to cancer when he was only 49 years old. In her mid-forties she added fitness to her regime when she began feeling completely out of shape and over the hill. Although she had never worked out with weights or even attempted cardio circuits, Smith was motivated to take control of her health and wellness as a way of obtaining longevity— something uncommon in her family’s history.  She completely fell in love with the results obtained from working out at a local bootcamp in Riverside, as well as the community she became a part of.  In response, Smith took the initiative to learn more about fitness and discovered she had an affinity for inspiring and motivating others to achieve goals they had no idea they were ever capable of.  It was then Smith took a leap of faith and became an International Sports Science Association (ISSA) Certified Personal Trainer and has since devoted her life to educating others on proper nutrition which includes how to “eat to live” and “get moving” in order to accomplish results no matter your age.   As a minority business owner who is also female, Smith is a solutions-oriented woman who maintains a strong balance between business savvy, technical capabilities and love for others. She brings to her company a wealth of experience and business acumen as a former project manager in engineering and construction management for local government agencies. She enhanced her business and management capabilities  with the management of a cutting-edge bioremediation water treatment plant, which is the first of its kind in the nation designed to treat groundwater sources contaminated with nitrates and perchlorate; and was  responsible for administering $22 million in grant funds dedicated to the design, construction and demonstration phase of the project. She is accomplished at building relationships and providing the kind of guidance, training, support, budget management and delivery of high-quality services essential to success in any business.   With the support of her husband Glenn, her faith and dear friends, Smith put the best of herself out there, took a chance and followed her dreams.  “At MAX-40, members will lose weight, see their strength increase, muscles become more defined and overall, look and feel better,” she shared. Adding, “We are not just changing physiques, we are transforming lives.” According to Smith, training at MAX-40 is simple, effective and most importantly, enjoyable. “The cornerstone of her exercise philosophy is member engagement, a high member engagement, a high degree of variety and innovation when it comes to workout programming, as well as a focus on results-based training,” she assured.  Exercise routines at MAX-40 draw on a bank of various custom exercise routines from a diverse range of popular training techniques, including H.I.I.T training circuits that change daily. Classes typically cater to 15-25 people at a time. There are ten (10) sessions per day which are unlimited to MAX-40 members. Each session is delivered by a qualified certified personal trainer. “Our mission is to inspire each and every member to be positively impacted by the quality of service being provided so they may reach their fitness goals,” Smith proclaimed.  To learn more about MAX-40 Fitness and Training visit www.facebook.com/Max40Fitness/ or call (951) 667-9072. For tickets to the June 22 Center Podium NPC & IFBB Pro League Bodybuilding national qualifying event at the Riverside Convention Center visit  https://centerpodium.com/npc-west-coast/. MAX-40 will host a booth during the event.

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