More and more Black People are becoming aware of the self-defeating information they are being taught and the way they are being taught in formal schools. Neither were problems for me in my boyhood days because we students were superbly taught by our all-Black teachers. I have never seen any White teachers even remotely come close. One Black student asked me how to deal with the “Bad” information he was being taught. Such pertains to a solution establishing Selfhood Order out of a terribly chaotic life and how to live a Hetep life of Peace inside a world pervaded with Indifference/Hate/Evil/Sadism. For both, I use an imaged “Metaphysical Window” for Right Life Living. This concept arose early in my Orthopaedic surgical practice when, from treating injured workers, it was necessary for me to get involved in the medical-legal arena. What I really disliked in this arena was the Brute-centeredness–featuring rampant dishonorableness (e.g. telling lies; cheating deserving people out of everything because of being unable to defend themselves). Their objective was/is to generate conflict and confusion that leads their side to win by unfair advantages and by creating unfair disadvantages for opponents: "For me to win, you must lose." Resultant winning enables them to stomp on opponents until destroyed and then celebrate by “Making an Example of them.” This slavery term derived from the savage captors excessively and inhumanely punishing an Enslaved ‘Rule violator’ in front of a crowd (now the World Crowd) in order for the Victim to suffer even more. So, "everybody" in the legal arena–and “Everywhere”–is suspicious of everybody else. Although civilly friendly, none are friends since they do not know how to be true friends!  They arrogantly play "The Game"–using their own vaguely, ambiguously worded rules and/or fall back on unwritten rules only known to them–and in defiance of the law which lacks "accountability teeth" for those like them.

            Despite the interesting Orthopaedic treatment challenges of injured workers, my involvement in this chaotic amoral arena required ways of doing a ‘right’ job in it while not being a part of any of its hate. To handle this situation so as then step back from it at the end–without having to "sell my soul to the devil"–I carved out an imaged "Metaphysical Window" in the middle of the actuality chaos. In deciding what to put inside that window, I called on a formula of Algebra where X = Y. The “equal sign” stood for Truth and Reality; the letter X represented my inner chaos from having to conform to prejudiced written/unwritten rules I disrespected; and Y symbolized being surrounded by overwhelming chaos. Inside the equal sign–i.e. the "Window"–I placed Spiritual Elements Standards of Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural to live by as I applied them. While my Private Selfhood always resided safely inside the Window, in the world of chaos surrounding me, my Public Self operated as a silent warrior. I used it to protect myself and/or to fashion a quietly laid out impact-full offense intended to make each attacker “feel hurt,” for which they could do nothing about. Meanwhile, my African Tradition Selfhood foundation guided my medical-legal preparations for the cross-examination chaos in a manner in which I maintained my Selfhood integrity—i.e. staying in one piece and not allowing anything to divide it. Hence, I always told enough of the Truth as to not get trapped. 

In presenting my position, I started way back in ancient times with pertinent “facts” none of them knew anything about. Thus, they could not attack my Orthopaedic Knowledge from what they read in books since their books do not say anything about African Tradition—the only source of Truth/Knowledge/Wisdom. One in a chaotic school environment can do the same within an African Tradition Sankofa context—i.e. discovering principles of Ancient African Philosophy and applying them to ones present situation in order to proceed into a thriving future. In this way, one has a foot inside the Hetep window and one foot in the chaos just long enough to be in charge and control of the situation. Being in charge and control is to know more than anybody else about the topic at hand + never, never showing emotions + not volunteering unneeded or "chit-chat" information + answering only the questions asked and saying nothing more. Then, one can withdraw the “chaos foot” out as soon as the battle is over. This hard work gives ruling PowerTo Self-Trust is to Self-Love!!!; JABLifeSkills;



Joseph A. Bailey II, MD, FACS


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