Dr. Joseph A. Bailey, II, MD., FACS

After discovering “Blackness” is a Divine Principle of the Cosmos + “Black” being the producer of superior mental and physical organisms +inferring Black to be ultimate in Spiritual PerfectionAncient Africans proudly called themselves a "Black People." Melanin (‘black or dark brown’ pigment), as the keystone orchestrator Element in the Cosmos, is in greatest abundance in the darkest skin-colored humans. One of its widely imparted and many benefits is Black People’s mental processes (brain power) being controlled by the same Melanin chemicals which generate their superior physical (athletic, rhythmic dancing) abilities. Melanin enables Black infants to sit, stand, crawl and walk sooner than Whites. Melanin causes Black humans to demonstrate more advanced cognitive skills. Etymologically, “Black” is the meaning of the ‘KAM’ root of Chemistry—the study of life’s building blocks which, themselves, are founded upon Carbon. Melanin is the black element present in all living Carbon matter and thus is part of living tissue of every part of a creature or creation throughout the Cosmos. Knowing Cosmos-wide atoms “marched” with the heavens, planets (e.g. the Sun, Moon, Earth), and their associated entities while being in order, in tune, in proper degree, in proper priority, and synchronized, led African Sages to many realizations. Example: Melanin has “Black-Hole” properties (like those found at the center of the galaxy). Thus, their profound conclusion was these properties and activities were an exhibition of a total Cosmic Correspondence display. That opened the gate for insights into the Esoteric Unknown. Melanin contributes to controlling all mental and physical body activities; helping in “ME/WE” human (i.e. Black) family connections; attracting “mystic memory” that assists learning from Ancient African Ancestors’ Thought Clouds; and, the “Intuition” Nervous center in the Pineal Gland’s Substantia Nigra connects one with God’s Amenta.In turn, this is associated with memory, Inner vision, Intuition, Creative genius, and Spiritual Illumination. Each of these were discovered to be dependent upon the Pineal Gland’s blood borne chemical messengers that control skin color.

Such opened the hidden door to the darkness of the Collective Unconsciousmind, allowing Ancient African priest-scientists to visualize knowledge from the mind’s timeless Collective Unconscious memory banks [which I believe is located in the Omnibus Brain]. In short, the Black Dot (locus coeruleus) was said to be the trap doorway to Universal Knowledge of the conglomerate past, present, and future. These Principles are an ordered interrelated divine and social binding of all God’s creatures and creations within a state of Cosmic Wholism Organism existence. Though one may be light-skinned, the concentration of Melanin in their organs or in their melanated centers could be almost as high as that of dark-skinned people. To summarize, Melanin has proved itself to be: (1) a foundational ingredient in the DNA of the genes and protector of the DNA nucleus; (2) centrally involved in controlling all mental and physical body activities; (3) granulated like “central computers,” capable of analyzing and initiating body responses and reactions that by-pass the brain; and (4) associated with proper Central Nervous System (CNS) functioning–as refining it so that messages from the brain reach other areas of the body, which is done more rapidly in Black People than in others.

Melanin itself is “sweet,” having a pleasant aroma. Perhaps this is why “MERi is the Kamite (MER = MEL) name of Creation’s Great BLAK Mamma, source of “MARy”. It has the same root as MELon, MOLasses, MELody. That root is associated with the neuro-chemical basis for what is called "SOUL" in Black People. When truly experiencing "Soul Music" (i.e. by means of Spiritual Energy), one is participating in the Cosmic quintessential Spiritual aspects by being part of, and unified with, its rhythm. The result is a strong aesthetic emotional experience that imparts Insight—like one sensing the touching of some aspect of the Cosmic Metaphysical realm. Many Black People have this experience when deeply absorbed with “Soul Music”–i.e. “Soul Art” or “Soul Thinking” Knowledge. These, by being of a PureEmotional nature mix (not Acquired Emotions), are the basis of having good relations with and good behaviors towards other good people. In short, abundant Melanin means that upon removing barriers, Black People can excel in all human areas. That scares people! jabaileymd.com