Local Expert Sheds Light on Imposter Syndrome

Local Expert Sheds Light on Imposter Syndrome


Update: The date for the focus group was published in our print edition incorrectly. It should read as Tuesday, August 6, 2019, as updated here. Check our social media handles for more updates.

Beginning Tuesday August 6, 2019, leadership development expert and local personal growth coach Desiree Foster-Collins will facilitate a unique focus group experience for those interested in learning about how to overcome Imposter Syndrome.  Imposter Syndrome is a pattern of self-doubt where individuals discount their personal abilities and accomplishments and instead, harbor fears of being exposed as a “fraud.” In other words, despite evidence in their lives that prove otherwise they perceive themselves as inadequate and/or incompetent.  “When you’re dealing with the constant pressure to prove yourself or living with the fear that you’ll be ‘found out’ at any moment for the ‘fraud’ that you are, you’re preventing yourself from exploring opportunities that could lead you to great things,” Foster-Collins explained.  “There is no single answer as to why people experience Imposter Syndrome,” she noted. “Regardless of what causes those thoughts, there are ways to work through them,” Foster-Collins assured.  The syndrome only needs to be a temporary feeling she added. “You are–and will be—able to shake it off for good.  Over a period of 30 days, Foster-Collins will facilitate virtual sessions with focus group participants providing effective tools and strategies for overcoming bouts of self-doubt and boosting confidence for a successful future. The founder of Excellence By Design, LLC, a certified leadership coach and trainer, host of the “GURL…Ask Me Anything! LIVE” women’s conference and member of the John Maxwell Team, Foster-Collins helps small businesses and individuals get results in their business and personal growth goals through executive coaching, business and teamwork development and communication training.  For additional information and/or to register for the focus group visit dezi.synduit.com/FGIS0001.

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