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Humankind’s oldest written text–dating to 60,000 BC—is the “Egyptian Book of Coming Forth by Day” (Seleem, Book of Life p 59, xiii). Like a triangle’s top, it stands on the shoulders of like-kind utterances of preceeding Primitive (the first humans) and Very Ancient Africans.  Collectively, they are called the Ancient African Bible (i.e. Spiritual Literature), itself the parent of all of the world’s Bibles. So, utterances contained in the “Prt m Hru"—are Epitaphs, gatherings of prior Ancient African teachings. For example, the Primitive African Khoisan (Nilotic Negroes whom Europeans derogatorily call Hottentots) are among the earliest people on earth, if not the earliest. In 100,000 BC, or before, they had stories of the supreme god Cagn (also known as Kaang). Such myths were conveyed by “lip to ear” throughout the millennia. Then, when Interior Africans invented Writing in 77,000 BC, Epitaphs expanded to include inscription gatherings from Rock Art, tombstones, Pharoahs’ graves, and wherever there were brief literary pieces commemorating African derived Metaphysical and Philosophical Spiritual Literature. All pertinent contributions were later copied from recordings, as in the Pyramid and Wisdom Texts. These Epitaphs were expanded in the Coffin Texts (the same writings but now on burial coffins) and the Papyrus of Ani (Ashby, African Origins p437). "The funerary Egyptian Book of Life"–written in Ta-Merry (Qamt, Kimit, Sais)–is the earliest known Metaphysical and Philosophical codification of active perceptions of endless transformations in Nature and in human life. A pertinent statement is: "I am the Eternal, I am Ra…I am that which created the Word…I am the Word…." “The Word”–one of the countless borrowings of Europeans for writing their Bible–is in Genesis (I. 1-3) and St. John’s Gospel (1:1): In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. Thereafter came many like-kind African Mythological stories.

One story, relating to the Monads (Divine Sparks of Cosmic Creation), says after Atum absorbed Ptah’s powers, he immediately received attributes of Ptah’s creative thought, speech, and omnipotence. Atum, the One Universal High God, then became the instrument, the Logos (“The Word” —i.e. the Divine Presence and its power of manifestation). The term, Divine Logos, stands for and designates the hiddenSubstance aspects of how the the Cosmic Force (known today as God) is bound into and works to produce Harmonious Cosmic Correspondence between all Cosmic made Entities. The Divine Logos—i.e. “The Word”, “The Way,” The Verbum–is itself the Vibration Principle and Power of the Divine Presence–i.e. God’s Universal Reason—Thought and Creative Utterance and Power. Such establishes “Oneness”—i.e. the basis for Cosmic Correspondence, since all real Cosmic Entities originate from the Cosmic Force’s Word as Germ Plasm “Genetics,” called Androgynic Plast. Ancient African Sages said this vibratory "Genetics"—i.e. the Spiritual Elements–consist of Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural. These “Genetics” flow throughout all of the Cosmos, like rays of the Sun. Fashioned from these Ray are the Cosmic Organism’s Creatures and Creations. Just as the Cosmic Divine Logos permeates the entire Cosmos, so is it spread throughout each human’s Selfhood. The Cosmic Androgynic Plast produces a continuous flow of Living Life Force that pervades the whole universe. It continues forever by whomever the task of creation was undertaken and completed. Apart from the Divine Logos being throughout the entire Cosmos, from the Flame of the Creator is put into each Cosmic Organism’s Creatures and Creations as an Esoteric Creator Spark Sample. Then, each of God’s creatures began out of its Feminine/Masculine primeval Substance “Oneness” and developed uniquely from the same Cosmic Genetics. Although the Cosmic Genetics are the same, those “Genes” are customized.

Thus, each Entity has a unique Intellect thinking pattern; Instincts (which express God’s Will); and Higher Lower Self Psychical Feelings, as beneficial“Nature/Nurture” composites related to: “is it For Me” or “Against Me”. These roughly equate to ones Selfhood Survival, Self-Protection, Self-Preservation, Appetite Pleasures, and Pains. For each Cosmic Entity, “The Way”—in the context of African Tradition’s Divine Logos—is to stay in harmony with the Cosmic Genetics’ flow and make beneficial products out of it for the “ME/WE”. Each Entity’s designated Genetic Pattern is purposed to develop all of a human’s Right Life Living aspects.jabaileymd.com; JABLifeSkills; Theievoice.com



Joseph A. Bailey II, MD, FACS


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