Dr. Joseph A. Bailey, II, MD., FACS

The Cosmic Divine Logos—the Word of God–permeates the entire Cosmos, all Cosmic Organisms, and the Selfhood of any “Human-to-be”. Each has “Uniqueness/Sameness” patterns, as in a human’s Higher (Divinity) and Lower (Animalistic) Intellects. Prior to Earthly birth, said Ancient Africans, all humans had the Divine Logos in Icon Image forms—i.e. Vibratory (Virtual) Ideas —stamped onto their Souls. That Spiritual Elements’ stamp is the “Trademark” of Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural—operating, following ones birth, like a ‘radar beacon’ in the External World. By them uniting with that human’s mind—called Manas–and possessing “First Wisdom” (Intellect with Cosmic Truth/Knowledge, filled with Ma’atPrinciples of unchanging realities)—these Cosmic Force Principles constitute ones “Soul Sunshine”. Put another way, a Spark of the Cosmic Force comprises the center of a human’s Soul—ones highest faculty because in it is the presence of the Esoteric Divine Logos. Thus, it is unlike any other of the lesser associated Soul faculties. Yet, all faculties serve the Soul for the combined purpose of  raising all aspects of ones Lower (animalistic) Self into ones Divinity sphere so as to create a Unity—a top human Purpose of Life. Freedom is not for other Soul faculties—e.g. Desires, Feelings, Pre-birth Emotions, and actions. The Soul’s Spark is always yoked to God, which orchestrates all Soul faculties’ actions. So, the Soul’s Primordial interconnection with the Cosmic Mind is like “Siamese Twins”. An example of how ones Selfhood naturally evolves itself through experience and difficulties is–when all is in Order–one follows dictates from ones Soul Spark. These dictates are composed of vibrations and manifest as ones Instincts (Feelings). They convey the Will of God for one to provide daily “ME/WE” benefits in the External World. Mutually Interacting persists “forever”–if no human self-made “Cloud” covers ones Soul’s Sunshine. But if ones Free Will chooses to be a False Self, one is free from controls by moral laws and free to engage in all “ugly” activities.

Thus, the Cosmic Force and a human’s Soul Spark are "Inseparably Harmonized Differences"–like two sides of a coin. Hence, a human’s Soul Divine Logos imparts Vibratory (Virtual) Ideas for that human’s mind to express its Patterns independently while interdependently fashioning a ‘whole’ out of pertinent Divine Logos aspects. This ensures the ‘whole’ stays within the Spiritual Elements’ flow and designs “ME/WE” workable solutions or benefits. Real Self people honor their “Oneness” with the Cosmic Force by aspiring to be a Human Ideal representative. Instinctively, they know "The Word" of the Cosmic Force is itself the Divine Presence, is its power, and is displayed in its manifestation. Since humans’ Souls possess the Divine Logos, then to model the Cosmic Force is to convey Its messages out of their Soul Sunshines. Indeed, to “Keep The Word” demands carrying out all of what It manifests. To do complete displays of the Message is to fulfill ones duty to the Cosmic Force and thereby maintain a “Oneness” relationship. To not Keep ones Word means one has placed a Cloud over ones Soul Sunshine. Now, one is subject to being Corruptible (subject to moral decay) and Reproachable—i.e. deserving of blame for violating ones moral Obligation ("to bind with a promise"), Duty (tasks to be done), and Responsibility (being in charge/control of shouldering consequences for acts of accountability to the Cosmic Force, people involved, and to oneself). 

All of these are Selfhood unhealthy and bash ones Self-Esteem since they shatter who one is; disconnect one from Cosmic Force powers; and weaken one against even little challenges. Hence, the single most important stopper of Incompetence is to regain Selfhood Integrity (Wholeness) by always making ones word ones bond. My Southern upbringing daily stressed the doing of everything I made a promise to do, including starting and finishing on time. Releases from this bond were only overriding emergencies or discovering one was part of some immoral, harmful, or illegal act. Before giving ones word, consider problems it could bring to ones present life’s Necessities, having to be simultaneously done. To do it, what is to be sacrificed?; “Could I do justice to all things involved?”; “Who would be hurt by my absence (e.g. my children)?” “Whose work load would be increased by my inability to help?.” “Would the product be something of Pride for me and others?” Would that product be worth the time, energy, and effort? “Can I do it?—on time?”—starting now? Is it safe? Keeping Your Word brings Competence + Self-Trust. Both imply: “You can only count on yourself!!!” jabaileymd.com; JABLifeSkills; Theievoice.com


Joseph A. Bailey II, MD, FACS


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