Ancestors of today’s Olympic games were originated in Very Ancient Africa in association with the Spirituality aspect of their “ME/WE” constituting the indivisible “Sameness/Uniqueness interchange. This meant there was: “Me, You, Us, God—all connected by the Substance of God called the Spiritual Elements. This was the ancestor of  Interlocking Olympic Rings symbolizing today’s Olympic games which combine six colors [including the flag’s white background] to reproduce the colors of all the nations. Nevertheless, a Southern Nigerian festival example is that of wrestling bouts being deemed “Sympathetic Magic” (practices based on all God’s creations being related) for purposes of encouraging crops’ growth. The god in charge of crops (among others) was Amun (Amon-Ra, Atom-Re, Amen) and these wrestling bouts were done in honor of the Spiritual God, Amen.  Sports of Ancient Egypt in 5200 BC included foot races, long distance running, martial arts, playing ball, throwing sticks, and bowling. Added on were horse racing contests (?2000 BC) which were first held in Egypt. Meanwhile, the Cretans, called Keftiu by Ancient Egyptians, came from East Africa and occupied an island off the coast of Greece c3000 BC. The Cretans were present when a band of independent illiterate warring and intellectually dumb tribes (Bailey, Managing Emotions p1)—called Aryans (speaking a common language and using common customs) and later to be called the Greeks–appeared in the Mediterranean region, possibly c1800 BC (Amen, Not Out of Greece p25). These Aryans, allowing themselves to be subjected to the Cretans, were the source of the Greek’s first knowledge of boxing, gymnastics, music, astronomy, weights and measures, olive cultivation, and the Olympics. Starting in ?884 BC, the Greeks then held athletic festivals every 4 years at Olympia in connection with rites honoring Zeus—the renamed god borrowed from Africans’ Amen.  

A clue as to the mental sharpness of people pertains to the Interchange. Those Supernaturally oriented are automatically Superficial Thinkers and thus are “Blind to the Obvious”—i.e. never noticing the Interchange in the Interlocking Rings. Spiritually oriented Critical Thinkers notice and consider the significance of the Interchange in relation to a given problem. If also Deep Thinkers, they realize the profoundness of what can be symbolized inside the Interchange. So, what is an Interchange? If you pinch your index finger and thumb together on the right hand + pinch your index finger and thumb together on your left hand + have them pinching one inside the other, there will be a figure of “8” formed but with 3 circles. The middle circle or link connecting the two circles of the “8” is an Interchange. Since these four digits are interlocked into each other–note that their palm surfaces face each other. The space fashioned by their mutual facings is the same Interchange. Now, if one puts “sticker” polka-dots on each of ones four digits making up the Interchange, some dots will fall off into the Interchange. Each dot represents a Mosaic piece and all the pieces present in the Interchange’s “Common Ground” space act like concrete Mosaics of small pieces of stone, glass, or wood of different colors that can be assembled and inlaid on a surface to form a picture or design.

A profound concept for Black Scholars is that the Spiritual Elements of Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural, emanating from the Cosmic Mind, form an Interchange. This is done by their weaving or braiding in such a way as to keep them from untwisting by having different twists counterbalance each other. In Secular things, this may or may not occur. Weaving consists of 2 threads of yarn–one running lengthwise (the warp); the other running crosswise (the weft or woof). The weft is carried back/forth across the warp—going over some warp yarns and under others. In Braiding, 3 + yarns are twisted together like plaits of hair. Multiple Interchanges are in braids and weaves. The resultant Interchange formed by the Spiritual Elements means Mosaic bits and pieces of each one of the 4 aspects are given off inside the Interchange. By various assemblings, they can be fashioned into a Pattern having an Icon Image constituting its outer aspects and nourished by a Matrix (i.e. the “womb” inside) so as to satisfy the issue at hand. That Icon Image contains the “What and Why” and as long as the nutrition consists of the Spiritual Elements, it will display in the Right manner in what one thinks, feels, says, and does. Any nutritional variants dilute and pollute

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A powerful Creative and Critical Thinking exercise is to first learn shapes of the Pyramid, Square, Trapezius, Trapezoid, Rectangle, Triangle, Circle, Octagon, Ellipse, Lunette; study which are Cosmic and/or and human-made; and determine what are indications for using...


Patterns, Shapes, and Forms are fundamental tools to help one see and give meaning to Real, Surreal, and Unreal Things. These contribute to understanding and the explaining of Principles (unchanging realities), Events (changing realities), Settings, Situations, and...


“ME/WE” is an: "All for One, One for all" concept of African Zulus, called Ubuntu. The Nguni Bantu define it as connection of all “Humanity”—meaning its “Sameness” creation is the Cosmic Force. They translate it as: “I am because we are”; or “Humanity towards others”...

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