New homes in Riverside by builder KB Homes

Shiane Daima Jacocks

New homes in Riverside by builder KB Homes

On June 2, Curt Hagman, Vice Chairman of the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors, addressed members of the Building Industry Association (BIA) and urged them to bridge the gap between the supply of homes and the increased demand due to economic growth within the Inland Empire. 

Based on the area’s continued growth, San Bernardino County is projected to exceed other increasing metropolitan areas in housing demands in coming years, including Phoenix, Houston, and other more built-out coastal areas. 

"I believe the opportunity to meet people's housing needs in our region requires a partnership between public and private entities," said Hagman. "If we don't work together, we will never build enough homes or unlock the massive economic potential that comes with meeting our housing needs." 

Over the past year, the Board of Supervisors has worked to implement new electronic permitting systems to developers time and money by streamlining the approval process, including switching to a direct low-cost service for Building and Safety permits and an early release of utilities’ application to deliver new homes in a timelier manner, saving up to eight weeks for homebuyers. 

Streamlining processes and procedures is happening more in the county every day. San Bernardino County court houses, libraries, and Department of Motor Vehicles are making changes and creating systems to allow users to get assistance though simple touch computers, decreasing the frustration of waiting in lines and making customer service easier. 

Hagman continued, "I have personally seen the direct impact that government has on housing. I've also witnessed firsthand the benefits that new homes have on our economy, on job growth, on establishing family roots and on bringing stability to communities. The County Board of Supervisors is committed to working with the building industry to address and resolve our housing shortage."

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