Honoring the Contributions and Memory of Don Griggs

Honoring the Contributions and Memory of Don Griggs

S.E Williams | Contributor

With the unexpected passing of longtime San Bernardino County leader Don Griggs due to complications related to COVID-19 late last month, members of  the community continue to express sorrow for his loss while also considering how to best honor his name and good works so future generations will remember a devoted leader who passed this way and worked to make a difference in the inland region.

 Don Griggs and WVWD RPA tour Hydroelectric Plant in Rialto

It seemed fitting during the recent meeting of the West Valley Water District Board of Directors on Thursday, August 6, 2020, for members to set aside time on the agenda to honor Griggs’ service to the community as co-founder and president of the West Valley Water District’s Ratepayers Association (RPA).

Few can argue during his tenure as president Griggs at times was one of the board’s most tenacious adversaries when it came to protecting the rights and funds of the agency’s ratepayers who are dependent on a well-run board being responsible for the water agency not only in terms of water quality but equally as important, its fiduciary responsibilities to ratepayers.

 Don Griggs and WVWD RPA tour Hydroelectric Plant in Rialto

These are areas Griggs devoted his efforts to as president of RPA. He never shied away from challenging the board on these issues nor reaching out and involving oversight agencies when he deemed it appropriate. He never strayed from keeping the interest of ratepayers at the forefront of every initiative he pursued in his role as their representative.

In his role as president of RPA, Griggs not only garnered the enhanced respect of ratepayers as their champion, in many ways, he also managed to garner the respect of many on the board and among WVWD administrators. He continuously challenged everyone to work in the best interests of those they served as agents of the water agency.   

Members of the community spoke laudingly about Griggs during the meeting and it was clear many are anxious to memorialize his contributions by renaming the Hydro Electric Generation Plant in Rialto in his honor.

The West Valley Water District serves about 83,000 customers in the communities of Bloomington, Colton, Fontana, Rialto, San Bernardino, and Jurupa Valley.

  1. E. Williams is executive editor with the IE Voice and the Black Voice News.

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