Highlighting Mental Healthcare

Highlighting Mental Healthcare

San Bernardino

In recent weeks the issue of mental wellness has been highlighted in San Bernardino.  During the week of July 31 Dr. Thomas Insel who serves as Governor Newsom’s special advisor on mental health visited the county to learn about the area’s behavioral health programs.  During his visit Insel toured Department of Behavioral Health (DCH) clinics, residential treatment facilities and participated in a ride along with the Homeless Outreach Support Team, a mental health team that provides supportive services to homeless individuals living on the streets.  Insel also had an opportunity to see an RV which was transformed into a mobile clinic, recreation centers that support individuals with a mental health disorder, etc. commenting about his visit Insel said, “San Bernardino is such a great example of how innovative leaders and compassionate providers can deliver quality care to people in greatest need. I was inspired by what I saw across the spectrum of care from clubhouses to inpatient services.” According to Insel, as he has visited counties across California he’s been impressed by the commitment and creativity of people delivering behavioral health services.  In San Bernardino one such provider, Dr. April Clay, founder and CEO of Clay Counseling Solutions (CCS) took another step in expanding her mental health services in the region during the week of Insel’s visit by opening a new wellness center just off Business Center Drive in San Bernardino.  In-office services provided by CCS include classes and counseling for individuals, groups and families focused on promoting healthy relationships, effective communication, and balanced lifestyles. As part of the company’s community outreach CCS also contracts with the school districts in San Bernardino County. In Psychology Today Dr. Clay noted the school-based services they provide include services and support to individuals and groups. The programs offered can consist of restorative circles, staff training, classes for parents, groups, workshops and assemblies for students. As a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Clay has built a team of a community-oriented individuals who are passionate about providing evidence-based counseling services that are also culturally competent.  To learn more about CCS, its locations in the inland region and/or to schedule an appointment call (909)804-8877 or  visit http://www.claycounselingsolutions.com/.

Header Photo: Dr. Thomas Insel andDr. April Clay

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