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Throughout his enslavement, Kunta Kinte’s persistent desperate survival situation caused his overactive Autonomic Nervous System and hormone excesses to permanently weaken his physical body. Perhaps most Enslaved distress produced over-working of hormone glands and compromised their Brain’s Temporal Lobe, producing “Negro Apathy” (no anger when called for). Layered on the Enslaved was Dehumanization—i.e. extinguishing contact with their Souls, making it impossible for them to be other than beasts of the field, and continually sticking any simmering candle sparks of hope into a pool. More layers were from Brainwashing— exposing all to inconsistent messages; ensuring they underwent sleep deprivation; keeping them on their toes by readily inflicting various forms of abuse for “no reason” and wearing them down. Special focus was given to isolating Enslaved leaders and “Making an Example of” them. Such is excessively and inhumanely punishing impudent Enslaved in front of fellow Enslaved; getting them to doubt what they were certain they knew or felt to be true; and giving tiny rewards for doing as told to cause dissention in Slave Quarters. These measures + being under total survival care of the Satanists/sadistic captors, kept their Selfhoods in a bad Totipotency state. This is a state out of which there can be innumerable processes of continuous activity in multiple directions, each consisting of a series of actions concerned with changes to cause vicious cycles. Then, once having regressed into intense and elemental responses within oneself, one is completely susceptible to being molded in character by the feeder—no matter how evil the feeder–no matter how inadequate what is being fed. By then, Kunta had adapted to enslavement by shifting from his Emergency Instinct Quintaune Brain thinking over to Omnibus/Emotional Brain usage. Meanwhile, his Thriving Brain remained "on-hold"–similar to a telephone's call-waiting.

But "Forever" afterwards, there was no situational opportunity for Kunta to return to using his Thriving Brain. This brain pattern is still seen in many Enslaved descendants today. All of this was very influencial in keeping the Enslaved inside an ongoing survival mode. Thus, at no time during slavery was there any opportunity for the Enslaved to resume using their Thriving Brains. Hence, permanent Emergency Brain mental activities led each to fashion "survival" mental and habit lifestyles. Their lives, coupled with philosophical brain changes, were filled with continuing ingredients which produced amnesia, emotional numbness (helping to cope with the hellishness of slavery), nightmares, memory problems; interferences with normal ways one accepts, codes, and retrieves information; and impairing critical and rational thinking abilities. Whether in the Caribbean or USA South, disease terribly impacted the Enslaved, especially in the Louisiana sugar country’s hot and swampy cane fields. Although many Enslaved had some immunity from falciparum malaria, parasitical mutations ensured large numbers imported to sugar regions, from Virginia and Maryland, would face new and more virulent strains. Cholera struck with still greater effect, along with typhoid and yellow fever impacting with frightening regularity. In 1833 alone, thousands of exhausted Enslaved adult laborers, fetuses of mothers and newborns expired as a virulent epidemic raged through the marshy bottomlands and into drinking water; others to hookworm and diarrhea-inducing infections that multiplied in the inert pools of water in which the Enslaved washed, cooked in, and drank. Medical care was grossly terrible.

Living conditions were horrendous and coupled with long hours of very hard work which made for chronic sleep deprivation. In addition, seasonal disease and infection patterns further shaped problematic en utero conditions—as in harming the placenta so as to compromise its ability to transmit nutrients to the Fetus. Even worse were Epigenetic changes, especially in the fkbp5 gene causing Fragile Black Baby births or stillborns. Malaria was especially culpable among fever-inducing infections, recognized as a common cause of early miscarriage and late fetal wastage. Enslaved Africans’ philosophies evolving out of “closets without windows” of enslavement were simply about survival and enduring. Despite them being at odds as to approaches, methods, and techniques, they somewhat interpenetrated out of necessity to live. Ex-Slaves had to huddle together to self-protect from Euro-American terrorism (which continues today). jabaileymd.com; JABLifeSkills; Theievoice.com



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