Elements for Riverside County’s Constitutional Sheriff

Elements for Riverside County’s Constitutional Sheriff
  1. There is a growing movement across the country where local sheriffs are defying laws they perceive as illegal. These same sheriffs are often aligned with extremists’ organizations who like these sheriffs, believe the government is the nation’s greatest enemy.  
  2. Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco may be counted among this group of so-called “constitutional sheriffs” who, throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, have refused to enforce local and state orders as well as federal recommendations to wear face masks to help curb the spread of COVID-19. Bianco, however, not only refuses to enforce state orders, but he also believes he has unlimited power and authority to do so because of his position as county sheriff. The basis of this belief appears tied to a historical definition of sheriffs as the most powerful law enforcement officers in their jurisdictions. 


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