Don’t Get Scammed: Jury Duty Service

Don’t Get Scammed: Jury Duty Service

IEV Staff
The Riverside County District Attorney’s office has reported on a jury duty scam occurring in the county and around the state. According to officials, members of the public are being contacted by con artists who claim to be with either the Superior Court or the sheriff’s department.
The scammer subsequently asks for personal identification information from the intended victim either over the phone or by offering to set up an in-person meeting.
The scam involves the con artist demanding payment to clear up an outstanding warrant that was supposedly issued because the victim failed to perform their jury duty service.
The scammer usually demands payment via a prepaid credit card transaction of some sort. There was one instance where the scammer asked the victim to meet at the courthouse to collect the purported “fine” and clear the warrant.
Officials warn these calls or contacts are fraudulent and have no connection with either the court or the sheriff’s department. Keep in mind neither the court nor sheriff’s department employee will ever contact you or any other member of the public asking for personal or financial information in place of attending jury duty or to clear up any supposed failure to report for jury service.
If you should receive such a call you are advised to hang up and immediately contact your local law enforcement agency to report the crime. Don’t get scammed.

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