COVID-19 Outbreak in Yucaipa Nursing Facility

COVID-19 Outbreak in Yucaipa Nursing Facility

“This outbreak a signal to anyone in the county who is not taking this pandemic seriously and is resisting complying with public health orders and guidelines that the threat of COVID-19 is very real.” – Acting San Bernardino County Health Officer Dr. Erin Gustafson


The City of Yucaipa and surrounding communities braced themselves as news broke Saturday regarding several individuals at a local nursing facility who had tested positive for COVID-19. 

San Bernardino County Supervisor Curt Hagman announced there were twelve individuals at one facility who tested positive while another resident at a second Yucaipa nursing facility had presented with symptoms of the disease. 

According to Hagman, County Health officials are working closely with both facilities to expedite the immediate testing of all residents and employees of both facilities.   

Hagman further explained an 89-year-old woman with underlying health issues had contracted COVID-19 and died from the illness on Thursday. She was a resident of the facility at which the 12 individuals tested positive today.

“This is the first instance we have had in our county of a concentrated COVID-19 outbreak,” said Acting County Health Officer Dr. Erin Gustafson. “The county will do everything within its ability and authority to minimize the tragedy this pandemic has the potential to create in our communities.” Gustafson went on to explain how the county is testing residents and staff of the facilities and working with the California Department of Health (CDPH) Healthcare Associated Infections branch. 

“This outbreak is a signal to anyone in the county who is not taking this pandemic seriously and is resisting complying with public health orders and guidelines that the threat of COVID-19 is very real,” Dr. Gustafson said. “Staying at home, minimizing non-essential contact with others, maintaining social distancing from even people we know and with whom we have regular contact, and consistently practicing good hygiene is our best hope of making forward the other side of this pandemic.”

Hagman assured the County’s Public Health Department  is gearing up to begin reporting the number of cases within each of the county’s 24 incorporated cities and towns as soon as Monday on the department’s COVID-19 public information dashboard, which can be found at

For information about the coronavirus crisis please visit the County’s coronavirus website at Individuals are also welcomed to contact the coronavirus public information line from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday at (909) 387-3911, or email the County at

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