County Residents Urged Not to Avoid Hospitals, Keep Doctor Appointments

County Residents Urged Not to Avoid Hospitals, Keep Doctor Appointments

Saida Maalin | Contributor

For months COVID-19 has instilled fear in Americans who have maintained social distancing and have been self-quarantined during this time.

People who need care should consult with their physicians and take the necessary precautionary measures to protect themselves from the novel Coronavirus.

Health officials now state people should begin rescheduling and setting all health related appointments as soon as possible, and to not wait until the stay at home order has been lifted.

The longer a person waits to see their physician can only put their health more at risk.

Pregnant women and people suffering from other medical conditions have feared leaving their homes in the midst of this pandemic.

On social media a viral video of a woman having her first round of chemotherapy with her husband cheerleading her on from the window has spread on all platforms.

Health facilities are allowing just the patient to attend appointments, no family or extra persons can sit in the waiting room. Exceptions are made for parents and children.

For the most part, a health facility’s main goal is to protect their patients and staff by limiting who is allowed in the office.

Doctors and nurses are concerned with the risks associated when one avoids reaching out for medical help for non-COVID related illnesses or symptoms. The longer a person waits the more they put their health at  risk.

Most local hospitals or clinics have a nurse line which allows a person to speak to a nurse about what they are experiencing. There are other options to ensure one’s safety but refusing to go to see a doctor due to the pandemic can make things worse.

The Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends everyone wear a face mask, continuously wash their hands, and avoid touching one’s face. Safety measures are in place so patients should not worry.

If you or a family member is in need of medical attention you are urged to seek help immediately.

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