“Seed” (semen disseminate, to sow, to plant) was borrowed out of the Ancient African Bible by Europeans (C12). Ancient Africans inferred the “Seed’s” primordial beginnings was from the Androgynic Plast of the Unknowable Cosmic Force residing in the “Other World”. This Plast consists of Infinite, en-folded Spiritual Elements of Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural and forms the Finite Cosmos and its Creatures/Creations. Any such Cosmic Archetype (African for “Seed”) is pregnant with future offsprings—all sharing the same Spiritual Elements but each with different duties and appearances. This is like the same parents having 7 children with the same Genetics. Yet, the genes in each child are arranged uniquely to impart individuality. All Cosmic Laws are in every Cosmic Archetype. So, the Androgynic Plast is the bull’s eye Essence of every Cosmic Entity because of two main African Tradition Laws. First, the Law of Spiritual Creativity says: by itself, any given Spiritual Element reproduces itself to become the thing it makes, regardless of its new form. Second, the African Law of Holonomy states: the whole is inside the Seed; the whole is contained in each of the Seed's manifested parts; and the Seed is found throughout the whole. Both Laws are observable in the Tree Concept—i.e. its Seed, Roots, Trunk, Branches, Leaves, and Fruit. To elaborate, the Tree and any part of the Tree—as with any Cosmic Creature and any of its parts–are unified into a Harmonious “Oneness”. Thus, despite their individual independent aspects, all parts are interdependent while featuring: (1) Coherence (its hidden internal links and components being consistent with one another); (2) Consistency (standing firmly together within a state of harmony and balance with what makes sense); (3) Compatibility with Reality (practical); (4) Interconnectedness (everything real depends on every other real thing); (5) Order (sharing the “Oneness” of the Cosmic Primordial Substance center); (6) Regularity (conforming to the prescribed standard or the established pattern for its kind); (7) Balance (rendering no favorites on either side but conforming to the Ultimate Standard);(8) Harmony (complete adaptation of each part to the Wholistic Circle); (9) Endurance (progressing inside/in tune with the Spiritual Elements); and (10) Predictability. Hence, their Continuity—unity in all diverse Cosmic multi-systems—ensures Mathematical Order “everywhere.” 

     Different but Genetically related things, in different parts of the Cosmos, are all parts of Nature’s Processes. Such Processes follow the same Cosmic Guidelinesbecause they all come from the same Ultimate “Seed” Source—called the “Home Basis” because it is what all Cosmic multi-systems arise from and continue to be supported by “forever”. To discern this Spiritual Elements Essence in any Cosmic Entity is the “What it is” when it came into Beinghood. As the only true Knowledge, anyone, presenting “anything” not starting with the Ultimate Cosmic Force as its “Seed,” can never  be about the Truth. And no Knowledge and Wisdom can be fashioned from it. By their presentations being human-made means it is merely Information (facades of reality) that, when “Played Out” to its “logical” conclusion, goes nowhere. This is why absolutely no one is to be rightly accepted as “Intelligent,” or “Speaking the Truth,” or is “Wise” when all they are presenting is their “Beliefs” and “Opinions”. That is why “Experts/Authorities” sayings are to be verified—starting with asking: “How do you know that?” 

But what bamboozles people is to believe the “SEEMs” right distortions and fantasies about what is presented as the “Home Basis” Truth. A clue is deceptive people never give the “What it is”– as an ultimate unifying force of life–and, if they try, it is of their own making. Being with Supernatural cults, they present a fantasy Supernatural God, Hell, and Devil. Yet, these cannot be observably or Mathematically proven, as they are in African Tradition. By denying the Spiritual Elements and the Cosmic Force, cults present Material things as being “superior” and yet all Material things are constantly changing—even boulders. Nothing changeable/Material has any ability to ultimately connect all Cosmic Force Entities which consist of Spirit and Matter. In short, by Unconditional Love—the Home Basis”–being the only interconnector and ultimate unifying force for all Cosmic Force Entities of Cosmic Circle of Wholism—it ought to be the Ultimate Creator Seed for all Think, Feel, Say, and Do Standards. To fashion products from the Creator Seed brings Success/Happiness!!! jabaileymd.com; JABLifeSkills; Theievoice.com



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