Dr. Joseph A. Bailey, II, MD., FACS

As a tiny aspect of Nature’s interrelatedness, all biological things are part of their eating society, living because they kill others. Predators aim to be the top eaters; Prey, to avoid being eaten. Such competition, in some form, is carried out by all Cosmic Creatures—each in a concentrated effort to maintain and enhance survival, self-preservation, and self-protection. Yet, there cannot be a successful in-group without an unsuccessful out-group–and that is the basis of competition in Nature. This, a Natural Spiritual Moral component in the Laws of Nature, is above the human mind’s ability to understand—and that’s the way it is!–and there is nothing any human can do about it. A dominant like-kind law in African Tradition—during the 155,000 years Africans were on Earth before Europeans began to appear–was Self-Competition. It was in the context of rising above ones Lower (animalistic) Self towards ones Highest (Divinity) Self. Next, as a result of early Interior Very Ancient Africans originating the sporting events known today as the Olympic Games, and formalized by Ancient Egyptian sports of 5200 BC, the concept of Competition expanded. Here emphasized was great determination on the part of one, or more than one, to achieve or win something, to shed something, or to make a record–concepts ancient Greeks took to form their Olympic games.

Such a definition of “Competition” (Greek: “com,” together, and “petere” seek, strive) enabled multiple offspring concepts to formulate a variety of etymologies–each opening different paths where competitions could apply. However, primitive Europeans introduced its placement on a vicious negative scale–a Competition about division, disunion, ‘every man for himself,’ and deeming any unlike them as rivals. Subsequently, because Western Warriors and Thinkers never honored the Subjective/Spiritual or Metaphysical Realms of the Natural Cosmos, they defined “Competition” as a “struggle against a rival to win.” Note: this is an extremely narrow and flawed definition since world-wide it promotes only “me against you” delusions; focuses only on the objective (Physical) realm; always concerns a conflict struggle; demands at least a feigned enemy; and worst of all, sets inhumane standards for the World Crowd. For example, Unconditional Love (not an emotion!), by being Immaterial, is governed by the Law that the more of it you give away the more you have. By contrast, on the Concrete Plane of the material portion of the world, the more you give away the less you have. Nevertheless, these Warriors’ inner world was about extreme tension or stress which drove them to be highly competitive; be clingers to anything deemed powerful (e.g. attachment to material possessions); cultivate an attitude of Indifference/Hate/Evil/Sadism (IHES) Complex ways of dealing with people; and be so greedily “ME, ME, ME” oriented as to constantly be on guard against victims’ retaliation or revenge. Their Left Brain pursuits of worldly emotional excitement indulged their Fetters—e.g. extreme selfishness, greed, hatred, anger, egoism, fear, envy, jealousy, frustration, arrogance, pride, lust—all promoting a focus merely on analysis and excluding synthesis.

By contrast, African Tradition elevates Synthesis over Analysis since when humans’ Right Brains orchestrate serious business thinking, it governs wholism (i.e. togetherness), understanding and spirituality. These are absent in Left Brain only people and thus their Analysis dominance fashions lifestyle concepts of an “I” (Individualism) society nature. Those features include: looking for differences in people (so as to form prejudices), individuality, uniqueness, advocating individual rights, separateness and independence, survival of the fittest, control over Nature, and being competitive (Nobles in Jones, Black Psychology p103). What naturally follows is unscrupulous arts and practices of achieving or maintaining advantages over others–ranging from mild to extreme—and acting like a “little god”. Their IHES arts and practices to acquire “Scarce Desires” drives them to run over all things—holy, profane, clean, taboo, obscene, grave–and without shame, guilt, or regret. They are posters for absurdity and “Don’t Care”—and such can clearly be seen in politicians (among endless others, regardless of marketplace type). Their dishonorableness aims for success through status symbols or displays of superiority over scapegoats; by outdoing or keeping one jump ahead of equal status competitors; and enjoy causing pain and suffering in the poor.


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