Credit: Illustration by Chris Allen, VOICE

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Message from the editor:

Please join Voice Media Ventures in congratulating Black Voice News Reporter and RFA corps member Breanna Reeves for her first place award bestowed by the California News Publishers Association for “In Depth” reporting in relation to her 2021 feature,  “The Barren Mile: Food Apartheid and San Bernardino Residents’ Quest for Fresh, Healthy Food as COVID-19 Persists.”. Originally published November 19, 2021 as part of a Report for America/Ground Truth Project collaborative effort by Black news outlets across the country titled the Barren Mile,  it tells the story of those living at or below the poverty line in San Bernardino County who live in food deserts and the challenges they faced accessing healthy food during the peak of the COVID-19 crisis. As a result of the pandemic the quest for fresh food, something many people deal with every day, was among the many equity related issues the nation could no longer ignore. The article is being republished here for your reading convenience.

Breanna was also awarded second place for “Writing Excellence” by the California News Publishers Association regarding her 2021 report, Black and Missing in America: Shining a Light.  The report brings attention to  the tens of thousands of missing Blacks across the country typically overlooked by mainstream media, while also highlighting the work of Black community leaders and their “dedication to disrupting the narrative surrounding missing Black people” in an ongoing effort to solve their cases. The article is reproduced here for your reading convenience.

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