California Closed . . . Again

California Closed . . . Again

S. E. Williams | Contributor

Early Monday afternoon California Governor Gavin Newsom called for the immediate reclosing of facilities in 30 of the state’s 58 counties including Riverside and San Bernardino.

The closures apply to all indoor activities at fitness centers, places of worship, offices for non-critical sectors, personal care services (including beauty and barber shops) and malls.

In addition, the governor ordered the closing of all indoor restaurant dining, wineries, tasting rooms, movie theaters, family entertaining centers, museums, zoos, and cardrooms. He also ordered the statewide closure of all bars.

As of Monday, there were 326,187 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the state with a death toll of 7,053, including 100 losses last week. The state reported 8,358 new cases on Sunday and hospitalizations have increased 28 percent over the past two weeks.

The closures were mandated, according to the governor, due to the increase in coronavirus hospitalizations, an increase in ICU bed utilization, and an increased rate of positivity in COVID-19 test results—the state’s positivity rate now stands at 7.4 percent. According to John Hopkins University’s Coronavirus Resource Center, the recommended positivity rate should be five percent or below.

“We are moving back into a modification mode of our statewide closing,” he declared, “But doing so with what is commonly referred to as a ‘dimmer switch’ not an on and ‘off switch.’”

According to the governor, plans were already in place to take such actions if needed based on the data trend lines experienced in different parts of the state as people began to move around and mix more after reopening.

“The state would be in a position to modify our stay at home order according,” the governor affirmed, “not based on the economy but based on trends. As a result, we are requiring all counties to close their indoor activities.”

Through Friday, July 10, confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Riverside County had reached 24,765 and 537 people had succumbed to the virus. In addition, 526 individuals were hospitalized with 116 individuals in ICU. Since Friday the county has reported 983 new coronavirus cases, 23 additional ICU patients since Friday. The county’s hospital capacity is within state standards and less than 80 percent of the county’s ICU beds are occupied and at least 75 percent of ventilators are available.

In San Bernardino County there were 19,502 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 307 deaths. The county’s hospital capacity is within state standards and less than 80 percent of the county’s ICU beds are occupied and at least 75 percent of ventilators are available.

According to Newsom, “This virus is not going away any time soon.” As a result, “[The state will continue] mitigating the spread of the virus for the long term and residents statewide have to adapt to new behaviors.”

Newsom announced the state is receiving additional health care resources to assist in the care and treatment of those diagnosed with the coronavirus.

According to Newsom the Department of Health and Human Services is providing 190 health care professionals who will be deployed around the state.

 S.E. Williams is managing editor of the IE Voice and Black Voice News.

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