Although Ships are safe in harbor, Ships with courage eagerly leave the harbor’s gentle ebb and flow tide to be about their high seas business. Similarly, humans’ "Grit" removes all selfhood armor keeping them Safe and Secure so as to Courageously and powerfully take risks calculated to better ones “ME/WE” future. In proceeding to carry out their respective Purposes, Ships and humans prepare for all vulnerabilities likely to hamper their goals. All Positive scale Journey traveling guarantees one will encounter losses, lacks, and obstacles as a result of: (a) unavoidable daily living aspects; (b) of pursuing ones mission; and (c) from enemies envious of ones successes. Suchvulnerabilities–because of their train of unforeseen and unsupposed circumstances, which no human wisdom can determine–embrace the subject of Calculated Risks.These are Qualitative mathematical estimations of probable chances of failure/success thought out before an action is undertaken. Its major decisions consider: (1) “is it worth it to me/loved one to get involved; (2) what is the “Risk/Reward” ratio result—i.e. achieving what options will give one and/or allow one to keep the most power or control–and which will do the greatest destruction? For example, motorcycle riding rarely causes a problem but when it does, one can be paralyzed or killed. So, is that chance worth taking? If so, what would be the minimum benefits needed? Some struggling Black boys may decide that being an NBA basketball player is worth doing what is necessary to get there. However, the risks of not making it are far, far greater. It is not in their best interest to totally focus on that desire because if they fail to make it or get injured, without a viable wage earning education, they have nothing to fall back on. To be dependent upon other people for survival means one will be stomped on; will always be struggling; and will forever be unhappy.

Preparation for a decision: (3) takes in all that is about understanding the problem and reflects on all pros/cons; (4) views the problem from all sides and all angles–both joining to enhance Foresight (seeing ahead) and Forethought (doing all the “figuring out” and planning for any vulnerability); (5) discerns settings and options for losses, lacks, obstacles; (6) mentally walks through the process to see beforehand, errors, flaws, requirements, desirability, and any contributing factors associated with the undertaking; (7) spotlights all good and bad points of the solution Effects, Consequences, and Results so as to make alterations in the solution and the solution’s application. At each step, Critical and Creative Thinking generate pathways around problems. Final conclusions to take calculated risks are based upon the sum of the Measures and Estimates of the advantages/disadvantages of anything and their degrees, as determined by numbers or by mild, slight, moderate, or extreme rankings. The sum of the positives for a given issue subtracted from the sum of that issues’ negatives enables one to arrive at Intention “leanings” for/against. Subtraction results serve as guides, filters, measures, estimates, standards for interpretations + organize frameworks or “mental skeletons” to follow after a conclusion about Plans A, B, and C related to some venture of top priority. Courage–the engine for Selfhood-Mastery and motivation–powers + frames how choice, decision, dedication, commitment, loyalty, determination, persistence, and perseverance work for the destination. Courage is the decision to willingly deal with problems one does not and would not ordinarily choose in order to lead to opening ones “Heart/Head” while allowing ones Private Selfhood to be exposed and examined. Then, to be Spiritually Vulnerable in taking the first step of the journey is to “dare reality” by exposing ones Private Self contents to possible harm. Such includes those “raw” and uncovered parts that are particularly attractive to Weak People, Bullies, and Brutes–like ones Soul, “Heart,” or personal sensitivities. 

It takes daring vulnerability to maintain ones Soul Sunshine Integrity for always striving toward the Right Life Living way, regardless of the outcome. Showing Grit is a way of life of firmness of spirit and mind to achieve something in the distant future and stay on course, despite encountered hardships. Each success imparts more Self-Courage to be increasingly “Vulnerable”. That is the most accurate measurement of Spiritual Courage. The result is thriving, harmony, peace, and well-being—a state of Human Ideal Safety. Success is the earnest Intent to do Good. So, operating out of ones Divine Consciousness to expose oneself to risks is what grows ones Truth/Knowledge for “ME/WE” benefits.; JABLifeSkills;



Joseph A. Bailey II, MD, FACS


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