In preparation to set up “Learning Temples,” Very Ancient African Sages first determined what plane of Cosmic existence would be most desirable for a scholarship mindset. Those choices included: the Spiritual (known by Instincts), the Sublime (Felt), the Astral (Experienced), the Supernatural (Fantasized), and the Physical (Observed + Thought). They selected the “Sublime”—so named because it is “just under the lintel” (known today as the cross-piece of a door underneath which one walks). By constituting the Intangible Realm of the Cosmos–i.e. the transition between Profound Peace (Hetep) of the Subjective Realm into that of Energy and Matter–its Ethereal space is filled with “Ether”–also called Universal Energy (Yogi), “Prana” (Buddhist), Chi (Chinese), and the “Lofty” (Europeans). Since the Sublime is located just below “the Heavens” and representing the region of the stars and planets, they inferred it is the most accessible of the Cosmic Spiritual planes of existence. Also, it possesses some of the following Scholarship mindset features: (1) it is without bounds or limits regarding time, space, quantity, number, or dimensions and whether in fact or in thought–an end or limit cannot be determined, not that there is no end or limit; (2) Its Pure Emotions wallows in the Wisdom of the Cosmic Organism; (3) Its Spiritual part gives the sense of being in the Spiritual Elements’ midst of harmonious relationships—especially Unconditional Love; (4) Its Intellectual part opens doors to multiple realms of wonderful frontier explorations by providing understanding into the Essence; and (5) Its Aesthetic portion means one enjoys it without an inclination to possess it. Reasons for these were from inferences of Cosmic Forces being most heavily concentrated in Ethereal spaces, and hence conducive to learning Laws of Nature, so as to create a path to the Heaven Afterlife.

Qualifications for entering and existing within the Sublime require (among others) aFree Mind.

Concluding “good” people’s minds and spirits ought to always stay in contact with the Sublime, African Sages built temples on the topmost place of a sacred mountain. Besides being a strategic position for defending against animal attacks, that special “high place” (root for “Supreme”) was a sanctuary–a source of inspiration–and a sacred atmosphere for religious Rites (more about the “Why” giving rise to the social ceremony) and Rituals (more about symbolic meanings expressed in physical drama and impacted in the performance of the ceremony). Ancient Africans Rites and Rituals–based upon Ancient African (Bible) Spiritual Literature Principles–were inside a sacred space, meaning its atmosphere surrounded any human participating in a communal event. Such was to signify a sort of "Religious" practice serving as a symbol to stay with or re-yoke to the Cosmic Creator as a way of life. That Unity among Diversitybecame African Tradition’s theme. Each temple's location, presumed to be beyond the earth’s normal atmosphere, was assumed to be filled with “Ether”. Since this Sublime location contained the highest concentration of Love, Goodness, Truth, and Beauty, they reasoned Spiritual “Thought Cloud” atmospheres were present within it (Ramacharaka, Fourteen Lessons, p 77).

Next introduced was the practice of Meditation—i.e. inducing experiences of altered and higher states of Consciousness for Spiritual Elements achievements—by means of transcending (i.e. by over-reaching human mental limitations) into the Sublime magnitudes exceeding life. Such happens by ones  true self-identity dissolving into a unity with everything Real in the Cosmos, while yet retaining ones birth gift individuality. Step I: locate the entrance into the Sublime by being inside the atmosphere of Beauty. Helpful is to have a vivid mental picture of the Sublimity featured in a small pond, a creek, walking through a pleasant meadow, standing in a trickling stream, or other communions with Nature. Step II: Means of transcendence include: creating and living in lofty thoughts; focusing on Human Ideals; and giving Selfless Service to benefit Humanity and/or Nature. Step III: ease into Sublime flows via Meditation (formal and informal) and Contemplation. How long one stays in the Sublime can be temporary or relatively permanent. Step IV: to approach permanency requires Ma’at living with a “Pure Heart”. From a “Pure Heart” ones Spiritual Feelings are connected to the Ultimate Power of Love by the “Silver Cord” (the spiritual equivalent to the mother’s umbilical cord).

This entire series is from: Bailey, African Knowledge vs. European Information

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